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Title: 台灣水五金廠商之去中間化探討─以G廠商之個案研究為例
The Disintermediation of Manufacturers in the Plumbing Industry – A Case Study of G Company
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang
Chen, Hung-Chih
Keywords: 水五金產業
The Plumbing Industry
Marketing Channel
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 根據經濟部統計處統計台灣水五金產業年產值超過新台幣600億元,曾經全球60%以上的水龍頭出自台灣,為眾多象徵台灣奇蹟的產業其中之一。早期由於資訊不發達、語言障礙與貿易能力的不足,水五金產業製造商多以OEM、ODM代工為主,對外貿易大部分仰賴貿易商進行接單。隨著全球貿易的自由競爭與網際網路的興起,促使製造商積極尋求去中間化的方法,直接接單生產。 本研究以水五金產業製造商去中間化為出發點,先了解產業環境及現況,接著與客戶的深度訪談中,了解客戶採取直接行銷通路或間接行銷通路的原因及其實際需求,再針對個案公司目前所面臨的通路問題進行個案分析,最後統合內部製程管理、提升核心能力、積極探索開發新市場、建立良好的顧客關係各個層面,給予個案公司短期、中期、長期的可行性方向及建議。
According to the research of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the annual value of Taiwan’s plumbing industry was over 6 billion NTD. There used to be more than 60% of world faucet supply was from Taiwan, which represented one of the symbolic industry of the Taiwan Economic Miracle. Due to insufficient information, language barrier and trading capacity, most plumbing manufacturers were Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM)and Original Design Manufacturers(ODM). Sales order and export were relied on trading company. With the rise of worldwide trading, free market competition, and internet network, plumbing manufacturers were forced to bypass the trading company and get production order directly. This research used plumbing industry disintermediation as a starting point to understand current market, and followed by employing in-depth interview with clients to better understand the reasons and needs of choosing direct or indirect marketing channels. Then, case study was conducted to further analyze current distribution issues. Ultimately, this research provided case study companies with short-term, medium term and long-term advices in order to integrate internal production process control, increase core competencies, explore and develop new market segment, and build customer relations.
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