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Title: 企業創新服務流程設計:以智慧電子產品電磁相容偵錯與設計為例
Innovative Design of Business Service Process: Using EMC Total Solution to Intelligent Electronic Products as an Example
Authors: 周世玉
Chou, Shihyu
Chiou, Hawjeng
Lee, Chun-Hong
Keywords: 電磁相容
Intelligent Electronic Products
Safety Certification
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: W企業捨棄傳統零件通路商的經營型態,以服務導向來銷售產品,將目前電子產業鏈中的上游晶片廠、零組件供應商、安規認證單位的三種產業整合成一套服務營運模式,從元件供應、電路設計、偵錯、整改到安規認證,提供客戶一次性購足的完整EMC及安規認證解決方案,憑藉過去豐富的EMC經驗累積與完整的代理元件產品線與建構EMC認證實驗室的的資源整合,大幅減少電子產品驗證費用與縮短新產品上市時間,使客戶可以專心研發創新的新產品,EMC的解決對策與取得認證的投入則由W企業負責,繼而提升相關上下游產業的發展。 本研究獲得下列結論: 1. W企業擁有完備的軟硬體資源,利用與學校建教合作來培育國內EMC解決對策的專業人才,更提供相關產業教育訓練,強化國內電子產業競爭力。 2. W企業創新智慧電子產業整合服務模式,節省客戶產品開發成本並縮短產品開發時間,進而爭取新產品上市時間,取得最大的商機,帶動國內相關產業鏈發展。
Company W adopts service-oriented practice to sell products instead of maintaining a typical operational mode of electronic components suppliers in general. It integrates roles of a chip manufacturer, an electronic components supplier and a safety agency to offer a one-stop shopping service, from component supply, circuit design, debug and rectification to safety certification, of a complete EMC and safety certification solutions for customers. This study tries to explore the innovative business model of Company W with a case study approach. We obtain the following conclusions: (1) Company W offers full EMC anechoic and semi-anechoic Chamber to timely resolve customer’s EMC problems, and thereby help customers shorten the time to market for their products and increase competitive abilities. (2) Company W provides complete hardware and software resources for schools, helps to train domestic EMC solutions professionals, provides education and training for related industries, and help to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic electronics industries.
Other Identifiers: G0103590145
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