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Title: 影響消費者使用SoLoMo概念導航App因素研究
A Study on Factors Affecting Consumers’ Adoption of SoLoMo Concept Navigation App
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Kuo, Cheng-Shun
Keywords: 適地性服務
Diffusion of Innovations
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 近年來由於智慧型行動裝置的迅速普及,以及行動網路便捷、隨處可用的特性, 智慧型行動裝置已成為現代人每日隨身攜帶的必要物品,加上各式各樣的線上社 群平臺的群聚效應,匯聚、合流出 SoLoMo 這個概念性名詞,將 Social、Local、 Mobile 這三個不同性質的服務,藉由行動裝置即時、便捷的優勢結合為一體,各 式各樣的在地化、適地性服務應運而生。 而成立於 2008 年的以色列新創公司所推出的社群導航服務-Waze,以眾包 (crowdsourcing)的概念由大量使用者收集當地的即時路況資訊以及地圖維護協助 廣大的用路者,很快地在全球各地迅速累積廣大的使用者,成為全球最大的路況 與導航社群。在與臺灣地理文化相近的東南亞國家中大受歡迎的 Waze,在臺灣卻 不論知名度與使用者數量都不是太高,影響消費者使用 Waze 這樣集 SoLoMo 與眾 包創新概念於一身的社群導航 App 因素為何? 本研究以 Davis (1986)所提出的科技接受模型(TAM)以及 Rogers (1962)創新擴 散理論中影響創新採用的五個顯著因素,綜合為本研究之主要理論基礎,以專家 深度訪談及一般使用者焦點團體訪談的方式,來觀察使用者對於創新科技的接納、 採用與否的可能主要影響因素,及創新擴散屬性對於臺灣消費者在 SoLoMo 概念 導航 App 使用因素與使用意願的研究。最後根據研究結果,提出 SoLoMo 概念導 航 App 之推廣發展策略建議。
In recent years, the penetration rate of smart handheld devices and mobile internet growing rapidly, plus the wide popularity of various social community platform, which convergence as the conceptual term SoLoMo, the combination of three technology categories: social, local and mobile, as a result of the popularity of smart handheld devices that integrate geo-location technology& social community, various innovative services pop up based on this concept. Waze, founded in Israel 2008, providing community based traffics & navigation services, which is an App that runs on the idea of crowdsourcing map creation, updates, and traffic status. By collecting user’s location and speed, and user can proactively report accidents or traffic issues. The data is centralized in the server which used to give optimize routes, making driving experiences better for everyone involved. Itsservice widely popular in US, South America, Europe and south-east Asia, however, its unknown and low number of users in Taiwan. “What’s the main factor affecting Taiwan consumer’s adoption of innovative SoLoMo concept navigation App?” In this research, using Technology Acceptance Model(TAM)& Diffusion of Innovations as theory base to define the interview subjects, by proceed the in-depth interview with domain expert and focus group to general users, the purpose of this research is to find out the main factors that affecting the consumer’s adoption of innovative SoLoMo concept navigation App. Lastly, according to research result to give the future promoting recommendations.
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