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Title: 低涉入者如何受核心論點影響其產品判斷─處理流暢度之干擾作用
How the Product Judgment in Low Elaboration may be Influenced by Central Merits- The Moderating Role of Process Fluency
Authors: 蕭中強
Chung-Chiang Hsiao
Chia-Ni Lin
Keywords: 思考可能性模式
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Heuristic-Systematic Model
Multiple Role
Processing Fluency
Attitude Confidence
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract:   許多學者皆嘗試想要延伸思考可能性模式,並希望藉由模式的複製或加入其他變數考量,以期能讓思考可能性模式能夠更為完整。然而卻鮮少有研究針對低涉入度之人們是否會處理核心特性來加以探討。而這類型相關的議題,雖然有前研究者提出,但都未能對低涉入度人們處理核心特性後所產生的態度強度加以研究。   在本研究中,特別將「資訊處理流暢度」作為干擾變數,加進實驗設計中,並運用思考可能性模式為基礎。受測者會接收到一份問卷,裡頭包含一篇文章及四則廣告,並藉由這些廣告衡量對產品的態度,每位受測者將只會出現在高或是低涉入度的操弄情境下。在每個情境下,我們也加入了衡量態度確定程度,以作之後的討論。   結果顯示出當處理資訊處理流暢度提高後,而核心特性也變得更加容易處理。低涉入度人們的產品態度會受到核心特性影響,由於是根據核心特性生成態度,因此,態度的確定性也比在處理資訊處理流暢度低情境下的低涉入度人們的態度相對來說較為肯定。 
Many researcher tried to extend Elaboration Likelihood Model and made this theory extend and complete. There were less studies investigating into low involved people process central argument. Furthermore, the issues which attitude certainty of central argument effect under low involvement condition were barely discussed. In this study, we special recruited processing fluency as a moderator into our experiment design based on ELM structure, participants encountered the manipulated questionnaire contained 1 article and 4 ads, and emerged the product attitude under either high or low involvement conditions. We also tried to evaluate the attitude certainty under each condition.   There were observations in this study, that enhancing process fluency and making central argument easier to process. The product attitude of people under low involvement condition may be influenced by central argument, so that the attitude certainty was comparatively higher than under low process fluency condition.
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