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Title: 自我形象調和度與功能調和度對部落客社會影響力之影響:以關係品質為中介變數
Using self-Image congruence and functional congruence to predict blogger’s social Influence:Relationship quality as a mediator
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Chen, Chia-Lin
Keywords: 社會影響力
Social influence
Self-image congruence
Functional congruence
Blogger-reader relationship
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 部落格提供使用者各類生活面向的資訊,本研究引用調和理論,探討部落客與讀者之關係品質,以及部落客的社會影響力來源。結果顯示,部落客與讀者之真實的自我調和度、理想的自我調和度,以及讀者對社群的功能調和度能促進部落客與讀者之關係品質,此關係品質能夠提升部落客的社會影響力。本研究將部落客的社會影響力分為三種層次,分別為順從、認同以及內化。 在本篇論文中,自我形象調和度表示讀者知覺的自我概念與部落客形象相契合的程度,讀者的自我概念包含真實的自我概念與理想的自我概念。而功能調和度表示讀者知覺部落格社群滿足社群提供之功能價值的程度。社群提供之功能價值包含目的性價值、自我探索、維繫人際連結、社會性增強以及娛樂價值。376位閱讀流行美妝部落格的讀者為本研究之施測對象,研究結果將論述管理意涵與未來研究建議。
People are increasingly looking to the Weblogs for information about all aspects of human life. Based on congruency theory, this paper develops a model to explain blogger-reader relationship and its impact on bloggers’ social influence. The results suggest that actual and ideal self-image congruence, functional congruence and blogger-reader relationship represent factors determining bloggers’ social influence. According to this model, three processes of influence can be distinguished: compliance, identification, and internalization. In this paper, self-image congruence refers to the match between reader’s self concept (actual self and ideal self) and blogger’s image. Functional congruence refers to the match between reader’s ideal expectations of community features and their perceptions of how the blog community is perceived along the same features. Perceived community features can be measured by five values: purposive value, self-discovery, maintaining interpersonal interconnectivity, social enhancement, and entertainment value. Three hundred and seventy-six respondents who had browsed cosmetic blogs participated in this study. Implications for managers and future research directions are discussed.
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