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Title: 臉書使用者的自我呈現對於主觀幸福感之影響- 以感知社會支持為中介變數
Impact of Self-presentation on Subject Well-being on Facebook: Perceived social support as a mediator
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Hong, Yu-Ling
Keywords: 自我呈現
Perceived social support
Subjective well-being
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 全球Facebook使用人數在2017年時已達20億人口,因此有非常多的學者在探討在Facebook中的使用行為與人們之間的關聯,例如人格特質或是心理因素對於使用臉書的影響 (Ross et al., 2009;Moore& McElroy, 2011) 過往研究(Kim & Lee, 2011)在探討臉書中的自我呈現時,多為探討自我呈現與幸福感的直接效果,或是加入感知社會支持作為中介效果,但是沒有深入探討不同類型的感知社會支持的是否會對自我呈現與幸福感之間造成差異。因而本研究將深入探討兩種類型的自我呈現與兩種類型的感知社會支持與幸福感之關聯。 本研究以Facebook使用者作為研究對象,透過mySurvey平台建置問卷,並聘請市調公司進行問卷收集,整理後共收集371份有效問卷。經問卷分析結果後顯示,誠實的自我呈現在經過感知工具性社會支持的中介效果後,影響主觀幸福感的程度比正向自我呈現的路徑來的高。其他研究發現及管理建議置於末章討論。 關鍵字: 自我呈現、感知社會支持、主觀幸福感
The number of Facebook users has reached 2 billion in 2017 in the world. Many scholars are exploring the use of Facebook behavior connected with people, such as personality traits or psychological factors on the use of Facebook (Ross Et al., 2009; Moore& McElroy, 2011) Past research (Kim & Lee, 2011) explores the self-presentation in Facebook, mostly to explore the direct effect of self-presentation and happiness, or to add perceived social support as a mediated effect, but there is no in-depth discussion of whether different types of perceived social support can make a difference between self-presentation and happiness. Therefore, the study will explore in depth the relationship between two types of self-presentation and two types of perceived social support and subjective well-being. In this study, Facebook users were used as research objects to build questionnaires through the mySurvey online platform, and the market research company was hired to collect the questionnaires. After the compilation, a total of 371 valid questionnaires were collected. After the results of the questionnaire analysis, it is shown that the honest self-presentation has a higher degree of influence on subjective well-being than the path of positive self-presentation after the mediated effect of perceived instrumental social support. Other research findings and management recommendations are discussed in the last chapter. Key words: Self-presentation, Perceived social support, subjective well-being.
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