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Title: 專業易得性與是否參與產品設計和產品與藝人的相關性如何影響高涉入的消費者對於產品的態度:以藝人代言人為例
How Expertise Readiness, Relevance and Participation in Product Design May Affect High Involvement Customers' Attitude on Product:A Study of Endorser Effect
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang
Huang, Wan-Rong
Keywords: 專業易得性
expertise readiness
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究探討相關性與專業易得性與代言人是否參與產品設計製造流程如何影響消費者對產品的態度,透過李克特七分量表衡量受測者對代言人的產品態度、代言人喜愛度、產品與藝人的相關性及專業易得性等等,本研究所實驗之產品為與藝人相關性高與低以及專業易得性高與低共2*2種產品類別,分別為烤地瓜、燈泡、咖啡與汽車。 本研究參與前測的受測者各有30位,總共進行了3次前測,前測目的為找出熟悉度適當的代言人與相關性和專業易得性適當之產品;參與主實驗的受測者有240位,分別來自台師大管院與台師大公領系民法課的學生,在主實驗的問卷設計上放置了虛擬的媒體文章和虛擬的代言人廣告,目的為操弄受測者的涉入程度與產品知識,受測者閱讀完虛擬廣告後接著填寫產品態度問題。本研究證實了與代言人相關性低之產品不會受到代言人的專業易得性影響,與代言人相關性高且專業易得性為低之產品,如代言人參與產品設計製造流程將會導致消費者產生負面的產品態度。 本研究首次提出相關性、專業易得性、代言人是否參與產品設計製造流程2*2*2的研究,並同時探討4種不同類型的產品,給予行銷人員在發想代言人廣告活動時,消費者態度如何受到影響之建議,也明確的區分相關性與專業易得性之間的差別。
In this thesis, we want to clarify how expertise readiness, relevance and participate in product design to affect customer’s product attitude. We measure interviewer’s product attitude, endorser preference degree, endorser’s relevance to product and expertise readiness, etc. We tested four types product, which are sweet potato, light bulb, coffee and car. There were thirty interviewers participated in pre-test. We total executed three times pre-tests. The purpose of pre-test is found the appropriate products and endorser. Our interviewers came from NTNU college of management and department of civic education and leadership. There were 240 members joint the test. We manipulated interviewers’ involvement and relevance by one virtual article and one virtual advertisement in the questionnaire. In this thesis, we confined the customer’s product attitude won’t affect by tagline in low relevance scenario and customer’s attitude will incline to negative in low expertise readiness and high relevance scenario.
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