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Title: 期盼對大樂透購買意願影響之研究─以風險態度及累積效應為調節變數
A Study on the Influence of Hope on Purchase Intention of Big Lotto: Risk Attitude and Rollover Effect as Moderators
Authors: 周世玉
Chou, Shih-yu
Chen, Mei-Ju
Keywords: 大樂透
Risk Attitude
Rollover Effect
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究以大樂透為研究主體,旨在探討消費者的期盼對大樂透購買意願的影響,並且以風險態度及累積效應為調節變數。經文獻探討知道,大樂透購買行為具有風險性,因此大樂透購買者的風險態度與大樂透購買行為有關。此外,相關文獻也顯示,當累積效應越高,消費者的購買意願也越高,因此,累積效應會影響大樂透購買行為。 本研究以紙本問卷與網路問卷同時進行,受測者為有買過大樂透的人。有效樣本共211份,其中紙本問卷回收73份、網路問卷回收138份。以逐步迴歸檢定研究假說。結果支持,期盼對大樂透購買意願有正向顯著影響。風險態度在期盼對大樂透購買意願有正向調節作用,風險愛好程度越高,會使購買意願越高。累積效應在期盼對大樂透購買意願也有正向調節作用,當累積效應越高,會使購買意願越高。 關鍵字:大樂透、期盼、風險態度、累積效應
In this study, we investigate the influence of hope on purchase intention of lottery with two moderators: risk attitude and rollover effect. Past studies show that purchasing lottery is a risky behavior; therefore, a buyer’s risk attitude is related to his or her purchasing intention. If there are no lottery players match all of the numbers that are required to win the jackpot, the jackpot fund will be added to the jackpot for the next draw. Some empirical investigations show that when the accumulated jackpot fund is high, the purchasing intention of buyers is likely to be further induced. The questionnaires are administered to those who are used to purchase lottery before. The overall sample size is 211, which consists of 73 respondents from the paper-based questionnaire survey and 138 from the Web-based questionnaire. We use stepwise regression technique to test the proposed research hypotheses in the research model. The results support that (1) a buyer’s hope has significant positive influence on his or her lottery purchasing intention; (2) a buyer’s risk attitude has a significant positive moderating effect on the relationship between his or her hope and purchasing intention; and, (3) the rollover effect of lottery has a significant positive moderating effect on the relationship between a buyer’s hope and purchasing intention. Keywords: Lottery, Hope, Risk Attitude, Rollover Effect.
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