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Title: 泰國消費者對於Uber計程車搭乘意願之研究
A Study on Uber Taxi Riding Intention of Thailand Consumers
Authors: 周世玉
Chou, Shih-Yu
Pachasiri Saengsuwan
Keywords: 優步
Behavioural intention
Service quality
Perceived value
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 社群網站於現今生活中扮演重要的角色,特別是教育部份隨著科技進步也有了新的發展。本研究的目標為乘客對於應用程式「優步」(Uber)之行為意圖(Behavioral Intention)。此研究中調查幾項因素可能會對乘客之行為意圖造成影響,如:服務品質(Service Quality)、感知價值(Perceived Value)和滿意程度(Satisfaction)。在研究中調查了三百位在泰國曼谷的優步使用者。我們以迴歸分析進行研究假設的檢驗。分析結果顯示服務品質對感知價值有正向影響,服務品質對滿意度有正向影響,服務品質對行為意圖亦有正向之影響。另外,感知價值對滿意度有正向影響,感知價值對行為意圖亦有正向之影響。最後,滿意度對於行為意圖也是有正向的影響。最後本研究之Uber研究限制與未來研究建議
Mobile application plays an important role in our daily lives, especially with regard to education in new developments available through technology. The intentions of passengers’ behavior that used the service from the application of Uber passengers were the objectives of this research. This study investigated the factors which impacted on Uber passengers’ behavioral intentions such as service quality, perceived value, and satisfaction. The research sample consisted of 300 Uber passengers in Bangkok, Thailand. The data were analyzed by exploratory factor analysis using principal linear regression. The results determined that service quality has a positive influence on perceived value, service quality has a positive influence on satisfaction, service quality has a positive impact on behavioral intention, perceived value has a positive effect on satisfaction, perceived value has a positive influence on behavioral intention, and satisfaction has a positive influence on behavioral intention.
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