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Title: 宜蘭大宅院友善市集攤商時空節奏之研究
Authors: 張峻嘉
Keywords: 農民市集
farmers' market
time-space rhythm
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract:   目前農民市集之歷年文獻,多將其置於全球食品安全危機下,一種對現行產業化農業體系之在地食物反思消費空間。在此,生產者自產自銷且與消費者當面互動,進而形成各式社群特色的農產業之市集樣態。台灣農民市集的地理學研究,則聚焦於農民市集活動日之社群關係空間形構過程。   然而,在非市集活動的時間裡,物的生長節奏及農民市集攤商的生活節奏,如何在物、人、地的時空軌跡之中,合奏出地理學傳統下,生產邏輯與銷售邏輯之「在地」、「當季」,以及「友善環境」的理解方式?本文以時間地理學作為分析視角,藉由日常生活與市集活動實踐之時空節奏,探討農民市集攤商、物以及地景的互動過程。
The emergence of farmers’ markets (FMs) is generally considered to be one of the global food security issues. Enormous agri-business has concealed the food production and consumption system in a black box, so that consumers, smallholders and various self-employed producers choose to trade “face to face” in FMs to ensure the quality of agri-food and daily goods, forming various kinds of FMs community. Geography studies of FMs in Taiwan focused on the FM community “relational space” and all kinds of events on the FM day. However, on non-FM days, how the geography features, products and people, combine and work together to form a time-space rhythm, or even a FMs’ symphony? In this paper, Time-Space geography is taken as the main perspective to provide alternative understandings of FMs. Through discussions about the Time-Space paths of FMs products and vendors’ daily life and FM day activities, the study attempts to realize the discourse significance of “local,” “seasonal,” and “environment-friendly,” which construct the interactions between FMs products, vendors, as well as landscapes.
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