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Title: 行向一個用Siraya做基礎ke台灣女性主義
Toward a Siraya-based Taiwanese Feminism
Authors: 翁佳音
Ang, Kaim
Heylen, Ann
Tenn, Nga-i
Keywords: Siraya
lowland indigenous peoples
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 行向一個用Siraya做基礎的ke台灣女性主義 摘 要 隨著1987年台灣解嚴,民主化和本土化蔚為潮流,1990年代以來,以台南為發源地的平埔原住民族Siraya也逐漸成為社會運動和知識再建構的關切點。Siraya屬於南島語族,原本為母系社會,卻在近四百年接連被不同的外來政權統治,並在各殖民政權所推行的父權體制中遭到邊緣化。Siraya母系文化的特質體現於家庭和社群網路、經濟生產,以及宗教和文化的實踐當中,儘管備受主流父權結構的制壓,仍可做為一種激勵,引動對抗中國漢文化霸權和重新開創台灣主體性的潛在能量。1990年代起,Siraya族裔致力於族群復振運動。他們的集體努力不僅喚醒Siraya社群,甚至跨越族群界限,影響整體的台灣社會。 類似Siraya的情境,歷史上台灣婦女相較於台灣男性,經歷更深重、更多重層面的壓迫和創痛,因為台灣女性不只面對殖民暴力,甚且長期遭受父權宰割。正因如此,Siraya和台灣女性蘊涵更深透、鉅大的底層人民反抗潛能,更能夠挑戰各種不公義的社會結構。 針對台灣民族主義理論向來以男性、漢文化為中心的缺陷,本研究從後殖民女性主義的立場出發,重新追溯Siraya母系傳統的價值和台灣歷史圖像,試圖以Siraya為「切線」,探尋性別、階級、族群、宗教、文化、帝國主義以及其他政治原動力之間的交互關係。 面對當前全球化以及所謂泛華人化的趨勢,本論文採取Siraya和女性主義做為雙視角論點,重頭思索台灣性的內涵,從一個植基於Siraya和女性主義的跨領域論述,來探究建構一個以台灣為基礎的知識系統的可能性。誠如本論文標題第一個詞 “Toward” 所示,本論文以書寫行動來落實一個以將來為取向的努力,期盼能邁向一個蘊育當中的跨面向學術地界。 關鍵詞: Siraya、平埔族原住民、女性主義、後殖民、跨論述
Toward a Siraya-based Taiwanese Feminism Abstract A Tai-lam-based lowland Austronesian people, Siraya has become a focus of social activisms and epistemological forums since the 1990s, as democratization and indigenization have been thriving in Taiwan after the lift of martial law in 1987. Espousing a matrifocal tradition, Siraya used to be marginalized in the patriarchal constructs implemented by colonial regimes in the last four centuries. Nevertheless, Siraya’s matrifocal elements, which manifests in familial, communal networks, economic production, and religious and cultural practices, translate an inspiration for confronting Chinese Han hegemony and recreating Taiwan subjecthood. Furthermore, Sirayan descendents have been engaged in a revitalization movement from the 1990s onwards, and their collective efforts in the cause not only affect Sirayan communities but also cross ethnic boundaries and impact upon the entire Taiwan society. Similar to Siraya, Taiwanese women have experienced more repression than their male counterparts, as the former not only endured colonial violence but also patriarchal dominance. Thereby, both Siraya and Taiwanese women embosom subaltern momentums to counteract against heterogeneous forms of oppression. To address the weakness of contemporary theorizations on Taiwanese nationalism, which takes androcentric and Han-centric standpoints, the research reinvestigates Siraya’s matrifocal values and Taiwan herstory in the perspective of postcolonial feminism, enhancing Siraya as a tangent to re-explore the intersectionalities between gender, class, ethnicity, religion, culture, imperialism and other forms of political agencies. The dissertation takes Siraya and feminism as dual vantage points for rethinking on Taiwanness, probing the possibilities for a Taiwan-based study by rearticulating a Siraya-based feministic cross-field in the face of contemporary trends of globalization and the so-called pan-Chineseness. As the first word of the title “Toward” explicates, this dissertation marks a writing action and embodies a future-oriented endeavor to unveil an embryonic epistemology and trans-discourse. Keywords: Siraya, lowland indigenous peoples, feminism, post-colonial, trans-discourse
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