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Title: 數位電路模擬軟體與CPLD實驗模組對高職數位邏輯實習課程之學習成效評估
Authors: 吳榮根
Keywords: 電腦模擬軟體
computer-simulation software
Digital Logic Lab course
learning effectiveness
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在探討使用數位邏輯模擬軟體與CPLD實驗模組對高職電機科學生數位邏輯實習課程學習成效之影響。研究採準實驗研究設計進行,並以二因子變異數分析進行統計分析。使用的研究工具為自編的數位邏輯課程學習成就量表及學生學習態度量表。 本研究之樣本為臺北市立松山高級工農職業學校電機科三年級112位同學。分別為控制與實驗兩組,實施為期16週288小時的實驗教學。在實驗過程中,控制組採傳統電路教學法;實驗組採電腦模擬教學法。教學後分別實施組合邏輯後測及序向邏輯後測,以評量其學習成效。實驗組學生另填學後態度量表。 茲將所獲得的結論敘述如下: 壹、使用電腦模擬教學法的學生,在數位邏輯實習課程學習成效的表現上,經十六週學習後顯著優於使用傳統電路教學法的學生。 貳、對使用電腦模擬教學法學生學後態度問卷調查結果,顯示實驗組大部分呈現滿意程度。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the learning effectiveness of Digital Logic Lab course with digital circuit computer-simulation software and CPLD experimental modules for vocational high school students in Division of Electrical Engineering. Quasi-experimental design and two-way analysis of variance were used for the study. The instruments consisted of two post-tests and an attitude questionnaire toward the computer-simulation teaching method. Two groups of senior students, the control group and experimental group, participated in this study. Both groups were instructed on the same topics covered in this study for sixteen weeks, and received post-tests. The experimental group also filled out the attitude questionnaire toward the computer-simulation teaching method. The findings and conclusions were listed as follows: A. The results of this study revealed that after sixteen weeks of learning, the learning effectiveness of the computer-simulation teaching method was significantly better than that of the traditional practice teaching method.B. The attitude questionnaire toward the computer-simulation teaching method revealed that most students of the experimental group held positive attitudes.
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