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Title: 行動學習環境練習系統之設計與研究
Design and Study of a Mobile Drill System
Authors: 何榮桂
Keywords: 行動學習
Wireless Application
Protocol (WAP)
Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME)
mobile learning
mobile drill
drill-and-practice CAI
Wireless Application
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 隨著通訊技術的進步,使得教育方式也變得更多元化,由遠距教學和行動通 訊技術結合而成的行動學習也應運而生。針對練習的需要,以行動電話為練習平 台,可以滿足使用者隨時隨地善用零碎時間的需求,讓學習更方便,更有彈性。 本研究旨在探討以行動電話作為行動學習平台進行練習的可行性。研究者實 際利用WAP(Wireless Application Protocol)與J2ME(Java 2 Micro Edition)技 術設計行動練習系統;前者直接連線進行練習,後者則將題目下載於行動電話再 進行練習。為評估此種練習方式之可行性,並瞭解使用者對此練習平台的反應, 五十名高職學生參加實驗,並將其分為三組,其中兩組學生分別使用兩種練習系 統,另一組使用傳統紙筆式書面練習。經過一週的時間練習之後,進行電腦軟體 應用學科測驗以評估練習成效,並在測驗結束後填寫問卷以瞭解受試者對兩種練 習平台看法。共變數分析的結果顯示使用行動學習平台練習對學科測驗成績的影 響沒有顯著差異,然而多數學生均願意且喜歡利用此種練習方式進行練習,並認 為此種練習方式可以進行隨時隨地學習,能夠彈性的利用零碎時間進行學習。
The purpose of this study is to design and evaluate the feasibility of mobile drill system. The researcher actually uses techniques of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) to design the mobile drill system on mobile phone. 50 students were assigned into three groups: the first group are drilled in the WAP drill system, the second group are drilled in the J2ME drill system, and the third group are drilled in traditional drill. Let the students freely do practice in a week. Then, the researcher proffer all of students a “Computer Software Application Test “and a questionnaire about the mobile drill system. The researcher compare the performance of three groups .The first group and the second group both get higher scores on the test than the third group, but the difference of the effect is not significantly.The result of the questionnaire shows that most students like using this kind of practice, and they also believe that this kind of practice may achieve the goal which is to practice anytime and anywhere.
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