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Title: 以行動科技支援之合作學習培養EFL學習者早期英語閱讀能力
Fostering Early EFL Reading Abilities Through Mobile-Device-Supported Collaborative Learning
Authors: 張國恩
Kuo-En Chang
Yao-Ting Sung
Yu-Ju Lan
Keywords: 行動學習
mobile learning
collaborative learning
early EFL reading
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討行動科技對EFL學習者早期閱讀的影響。本研究進行了三個實驗來研究這個課題:(1)試驗性研究,主要是確定應用行動科技於早期EFL閱讀學習活動的恰當時機與策略;(2)實驗一,根據試驗性研究的結果,提出以行動載具支援同儕互助學習的早期EFL閱讀模式,目的是解決存在於傳統合作學習小組的問題;以及(3)實驗二,旨在利用行動科技提升學生對自我學習責任的認知與強化小組合作學習的成效。研究結果顯示恰當使用行動科技不僅可以解決合作學習小組原有的問題,也有助於EFL學生基礎英語閱讀能力的培養。此外,行動載具支援的責任分派機制能有效提升EFL學生對自我學習責任的認知,進而促使他們表現出更積極、負責與合作的行為,因而在基礎英語閱讀能力上獲得顯著或是較好的進步。同時,本研究對使用行動載具支援EFL的合作閱讀活動的時機與方法提出具體有效的建議,有助於後續的研究發展。
The purposes of this thesis were to explore the impact of mobile technology on elementary EFL reading. Three studies were conducted to investigate this issue: (a) Pilot study, aimed at identifying the opportune moment and approaches to apply mobile technology to elementary EFL reading teaching and learning; (b) based on the results of the pilot study, in Experiment I, a mobile-device-supported peer-assisted learning model (MDPAL) was proposed to deal with the weaknesses in a traditionally collaborative learning group; and (c) Experiment II focused on promoting the awareness of elementary EFL learners’ learning responsibility and strengthening the collaborative effect in a learning group. The results of these studies show that the use of mobile devices effectively reduced the identified weaknesses found in the traditional collaborative learning activities. The use of mobile technology in collaborative reading activities benefited elementary EFL learners’ low level linguistic skills development. Besides, the mobile-device-supported responsibility distribution mechanism effectively promoted elementary EFL learners’ awareness of their responsibility to their own learning led to their active, responsible, collaborative learning behaviors, and consequently triggered better or significant progress in early linguistic skills. The analyses have identified effective ways of using mobile devices to support collaborative EFL reading activities.
Other Identifiers: GN0886080016
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