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Title: 五連方翻轉次數及差異度對空間能力試題難度之影響
Authors: 何榮桂
Keywords: 空間能力
spatial ability
spatial visualization
item difficulty
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 空間能力是日常生活中必需的能力之一,故發展空間能力的測驗也就相當重要,而五連方本身規則簡單卻又多變,適合做為發展空間能力的素材。然而,目前卻無針對五連方翻轉的研究,因此本研究目的為探討在以五連方作為測驗素材的空間能力試題中,五連方之翻轉對試題難度的影響,定義了兩種可能的因素:翻轉次數及差異度,以期作為未來的相關測驗編製之參考。 本研究建構一線上測驗系統,內含「單一五連方翻轉」及「五連方翻轉組合」兩測驗,並藉由測驗結果探討翻轉次數及翻轉差異度對試題難度的影響。本研究中有兩個參數,翻轉次數為解題過程中五連方所需翻轉的次數;翻轉差異度則是五連方翻轉前後位置相異的方塊總數。 受試者為新北市板橋市大觀國小四至六年級共107名學生,並利用學生之數學期中考成績做為測驗之外在效標。 本研究結果如下: 1. 翻轉次數及翻轉差異度皆影響試題難度,且與題目難度呈顯著正相關。 2. 在「單一五連方翻轉」中,發現除了翻轉次數及翻轉差異度外,受試者對於圖形的熟悉度也會影響試題難度。 3. 兩測驗的結果顯示兩性在前青春期的空間視覺能力並無顯著差異。 4. 「五連方翻轉組合」之虛擬題庫測驗結果也與受試者之數學成績呈正相關,顯示本系統可測量受試者之空間視覺能力。
Spatial Ability is one of essential ability of daily life, therefore it’s very important to develop spatial test, and the simplicity and variability of Pentomino make it a good material for spatial ability test. Since there is no research about the flipping of Pentomino, this study will investigate how flipping times and degree of flipping discrepancy influence item difficulty of Pentomino spatial ability test. The aim of this study was providing reference for the development of relevant tests. We conducted a online testing system, including two tests: flipping of single Pentomino and flipping of Pentomino combinations, then analyzed the result of tests. There were two factors in this study: flipping times and degree of flipping discrepancy, flipping times was how many times of Pentomino flipping needed to construct the correct answer; flipping discrepancy was the differential of how many squares of Pentomino after flipping. Participants were 107 students of fourth to sixth grade of elementary school in New Taipei City, and their mid-term mathematic examination scores were taken as external criterion of flipping of Pentomino combinations. The results are listed below: 1. Both flipping times and degree of flipping discrepancy influence item difficulty, and had a positive correlation. 2. Familiarity influence item difficulty in flipping of single Pentomino. 3. There is no gender difference at pre-teen in spatial visualization. 4. The result of virtual item bank of flipping of Pentomino combinations shows a significant positive correlation with mid-term mathematic examination scores, showing the validity of testing ability of spatial visualization.
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