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Title: 遊戲式形成性評量對國小學生數學學習的影響:以同分母分數減法單元為例
Effects of Game-Based Formative Assessment on Learning Elementary School Mathematics : The Case of Like-Denominators Subtraction Unit
Authors: 張國恩
Chang Kuo-En
Sung Yao-Ting
Hou Hao-Cheng
Keywords: 冒險遊戲
adventure game
Game-Based Learning
Formative Assessment
Stealth Assessment
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究的目的在於檢證遊戲式形成性評量對國小學生在同分母分數減法單 元中的學習動機、評量表現、錯誤類型診斷精確率和系統滿意度之影響。遊戲式形成性評量系統係整合遊戲物件模型、證據中心評量設計,以及貝氏網路診斷機制等發展而成,用以提升學生在課堂中參與形成性評量的動機。 本研究以 283 名新北市國小四年級學生為研究對象,採準實驗設計以驗證系 統的可用性。經共變數分析、積差相關等統計方法進行資料處理與分析後,研究結果顯示遊戲式形成性評量系統能有效提升學生的學習動機,學生的評量表現與平日數學表現相關程度高,系統的錯誤類型診斷精確率優於傳統的線上評量系統,系統滿意度亦獲得學生的正向評價。本研究提供師生於一般教室使用平板電腦進行形成性評量活動的可行模式。
This research tends to investigate the effects of game-based formative assessment on learning elementary school mathematics like-denominators subtraction unit. This research integrates the element of adventure game into assessment system to promote students’ motivation of participating in formative assessments in class. The game-based formative assessment system, has been developed by referring to the combination of game object model , evidence-centered design, and Bayesian model inference mechanism. Quasi-experimental design was used to examine the system’s usability. 283 New Taipei City Elementary School fourth-grade students particated in this study. ANCOVA and Pearson's product-moment correlation were used to analysis data. The results showed that the game-based formative assessment system can promote students' motivation.There was high correlation between students’performance in assessment sysetm and in usual mathematical class; the error type diagnostic accuracy rate of the system is better than traditional online assessment system; and most of students got great satisfaction from using the system. This research provides a feasible model for teachers and students to do formative assessment activities by using Tablet PC in the general classroom.
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