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Title: Alice程式設計初學者之錯誤類型分析
An Analysis of Novice Alice Programmers’ Error Types
Authors: 林美娟
Lin, Kuan-Yu
Keywords: Alice程式設計
Alice programming
Error types
Clinical interview
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討程式設計初學者於實作Alice程式專案時所遭遇之困難,並將其進行分析與歸類。研究實施採用質性研究之一對一診斷性訪談,參與者為臺北市某高級中學一年級的學生共22名。研究者設計了涵蓋不同概念、難度漸進的9個題目供學生實作,並由訪談者全程觀察學生進行解題的過程,且於學生遭遇解題困難時,依照「引導式提問」、「間接提示」、「直接指導」的漸進順序給予提示,以了解學生在各項程式設計概念的學習困難類型。研究結果歸納出學生於內建方法、時序控制結構、變數、選擇結構、重複結構、陣列、自訂方法及參數中常見的錯誤類型,將其分類為連結、定位、使用以及其他四類,並針對學生實作程式專案時所見之情形,提出使用Alice進行程式設計教學時所應注意之事項及相關建議。
This study aims to investigate the difficulties encountered by novice Alice programmers and categorize the types of errors they make. The researcher conducted one-on-one clinical interviews with 22 freshmen at a senior high school. The participants were offered nine Alice projects with increasing levels of difficulty, each requiring the use of a different set of programming constructs. Each participant was observed closely as s/he worked on the given projects. Whenever an error occurred in his/her program or when s/he did not know how to proceed, the observer would intervene by asking a sequence of questions with increasing specificity, ranging from prompts, hints, to provides, in order to determine the cause of the impasse. This study summarizes the common errors for each of the Alice programming constructs that the participants used in their projects and categorized the errors into four types: connection errors, location errors, usage errors and math-and-other errors. In view of these error types, this study also gave suggestions for teaching Alice programming.
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