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Title: Moodle平台同儕輔助學習對國中生英文口語表達能力之影響
The Effects of Peer-Assisted Learning on Moodle on Junior High School Students’ Oral Proficiency in English
Authors: 何榮桂
Ho, Rong-Guey
Huang, Tzu-Shan
Keywords: Moodle
Peer-assisted learning (PAL)
peer modeling
peer sharing
attitudes towards English learning
oral proficiency in English
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中生於Moodle平台應用線上錄音模組並結合同儕輔助學習策略對英語口語表達能力之成效,並透過問卷調查以了解此策略對學生英語學習態度之影響。本研究之受試者為台北市國中二年級共65名學生,分為實驗組與控制組,實驗組的學生可以與同儕分享其英語練習錄音作業,但控制組僅獨自練習英語口語作業而無法與同儕分享。經過練習之後,實施了後測與問卷調查。研究結果顯示,透過同儕輔助學習策略,進行同儕分享與觀摩的學生比未進行同儕分享與觀摩的學生,其口語表現有顯著提升,學生的英語口語表達能力有所助益,並且對於英語學習的主動性與對英語學習的觀點皆有顯著地影響,但在同儕分享的過程中,學生對於英語學習的焦慮感卻也增加。
The purpose of this study was to investigate whether peer-assisted learning (PAL) strategy on Moodle could improve junior high school students’ oral proficiency in English. We conducted a questionnaire survey to determine whether PAL strategy would have positive effects on junior high school students’ attitudes toward English learning. All procedure the researcher conducted was on Moodle. Participants were 65 students of second grade of junior high school in Taipei; they were assigned to two groups: experimental group and control group. The experimental group was engaged in online recording activities with PAL strategy in which the students were permitted to share their assignment with each other and their peers; on the contrary, the control group would practice individually and couldn’t share their assignment with each other and their peers. After practices, we conducted a posttest and questionnaire survey. The results showed that the students’ English speaking proficiency and the initiatives and perceptions of English learning would be promoted effectively by PAL strategy. However, the learners’ anxieties about English learning were increased.
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