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Title: 使用嵌入式系統於替代性輸入裝置之研製
Authors: 吳榮根
Keywords: 替代性鍵盤
alternative keyboard
embedded system
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在發展一容易使用、功能強大的替代性輸入裝置。經過種種考量以及實際個案分析,本研究選擇在嵌入式系統上研發,並利用現有的嵌入式系統以及自製硬體設備來達成設計需求。而本研究為了要滿足每個使用者的需求,更開發出一個編輯軟體,讓使用者可以自行去新增、編輯輸入裝置上的盤面。 本研究所研發的替代性輸入裝置,期望讓使用者盡可能只按一個按鍵 (one touch) 就能完成所需功能,減少肢體障礙者與電腦的隔閡,進而降低與一般使用者的資訊落差。
The purpose of this research is to develop an easy use and multi-function alternative input device. After all kinds of considerations as well as actual case studies and analysis, we use the embedded system as the hardware platform. We also add some self-made hardware equipments to achieve the designing demand. While trying to meet different users’ need, we develop an editor software to enable users to edit their own keyboard layout. We expect the alternative input device developed from this research should let the users to use only one key touch to complete all needs of a function, and reduce the gap between handicapped users and computer. Finally, it will bridge the digital divide between handicapped users and common users.
Other Identifiers: GN0693080423
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