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Title: 國小電腦課教學現況調查
Authors: 林美娟
Keywords: 國小電腦
elementary school computer course
questionnaire survey
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討目前國小電腦課程之實施情形,主要針對授課節數、教學內容、師資、設備等項目進行調查。研究除可了解國小電腦課程實際的實施情形外,也提供教育當局作為未來國小電腦課程修訂之參考。 本研究採取問卷調查方式進行。問卷共寄發931份,回收681份,回收率73.15%,有效問卷為659份。研究結果發現,「整體狀況」方面,國小學童電腦程度落差大;學校缺乏經費購置授課所需軟體。「授課節數」方面,國小有85%以上從三年級開始上電腦課,每週上一節。「教學內容」方面,電腦課程教學內容主要由授課教師決定,三到六年級所教授之應用軟體主要為文書處理、中英打字練習、作業系統基本操作、瀏覽器的使用、電子郵件的收發、簡報製作、影像處理、網頁製作軟體等;採用市售教科書之學校為52.9%,但支持教育部應制定教科書送審機制之學校為72.9%。「師資」方面,77.8%的國小其電腦教師有資訊相關科系學位之百分比為0%至20%,多數(68.5%)學校認為國小電腦課教師不需要具備大學以上資訊相關科系學位,國小安排電腦授課教師以具有資訊專長者為主要考量。「設備」方面,國小新增之硬體設備以電腦(66.60%)為主,新增之軟體設備則以影像處理(59.62%)為主。
A survey research is used in this study to investigate the status of computer course in elementary schools. The results concern the overall status of the implementation of computer course, teaching content, teachers, and computer equipment. 931 questionnaires are sent out, 681 of which are returned: the response rate reaches 73.15%. 659 sets are valid returns. According to the overall status of the implementation of computer course in elementary schools, we observe that there exists a great gap among students’ computer ability. Schools run tight budgets for the necessary software in computer course. As regards class hours, 85% of schools start computer courses for students from the third grade, who give one computer class hour per week. As for the teaching content, it is the computer teacher that decides what materials to teach. The software taught for the third grade to sixth grade includes word processing, Chinese and English typing, basic operating system, browsers, graphic processing, and web editor. 52.9% of schools use textbooks in computer course, and 72.9% agree that Ministry of Education should examine computer textbooks. In the aspect of teachers, 77.8% of schools have between 0% and 20% computer teachers graduating from computer science-related departments. In addition, 68.5% of schools disagree that computer teachers in elementary schools need to be chosen from graduates from computer science-related departments. Most schools admit those who have qualifications for computer science to teaching computer course. Regarding computer equipment, the main newly added hardware is computer, and the main newly added software is graphic processing.
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