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Title: 嵌入式電腦語音溝通系統和替代性輸入裝置之整合設計
Authors: 吳榮根
Jung-Gen Wu
Keywords: 語音溝通系統
Augmentative & Alternative Communication systems
computer assistive product
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究著重在發展一套整合式的語音溝通系統和替代性輸入裝置,為重度語障或多重障礙者提供最適合輔助或替代口說的溝通工具。使口語能力受損者能藉助其他管道來表達思想、觀念和需要,與周遭環境有較積極的交互作用,達成語言治療的最終目的。 我們利用現有的嵌入式系統配合彩色液晶螢幕及觸控面板達成語音溝通系統的功能。另外,我們也自製了額外的硬體設備(列表機界面)配合嵌入式系統,以達到替代性輸入裝置的功用。期望這樣的整合設計能為重度溝通障礙者帶來便利並輔助他們說與寫之不足。
The purpose of this research is to develop an integrated communication and input device. We use the embedded microcomputer system connecting a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD display and a touch panel to build the system’s hardware.  Over 1500 Picture Communication Symbols™ (PCS™) displayed on the screen and used as input keys. This device can let disabled people using it as a computer input device easily. By pressing the picture displayed on the screen, the phrase which represents the picture will be sent into the computer. With the speech-output function, this system also becomes an communication device. We believe that this integrated system can help disabled people to communicate with other people and to access to the computer easily.
Other Identifiers: GN0692080206
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