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Title: 學習遊戲對小學生光概念的影響
Effects of Learning Game on Elementary School Students’ Concepts of Light
Authors: 邱貴發
CHIOU, Guey-Fa
KAO, Te-Kai
Keywords: 學習遊戲
learning game
concepts of light
learning game attitude
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究設計一款針對國小四年級光單元的學習遊戲,探討研究參與者使用光遊戲學習光概念的學習成效、學習動機與學習態度。 研究採準實驗設計,研究參與者為臺北市士林區某公立國小三年級學生共47人,其中23人為實驗組,使用光遊戲,24人為對照組,使用光動畫。所有研究參與者先前皆無「光概念」的學習經驗。研究工具有研究者設計之「The Light」遊戲、「The Light」動畫、學習遊戲評估表、自編學習動機與學習態度問卷,另修訂康軒版國小四年級上學期自然與生活科技學習自修與學習評量第三單元「奇妙的光」,作為光概念測驗卷,並請五位專家老師評估測驗的可用性。 研究結果顯示,實驗組(遊戲組)與對照組(動畫組)學生於成就測驗上皆有顯著進步,但兩組間無顯著差異。實驗組學習動機(四點量表)平均值3.31,學習態度(四點量表)平均值3.26,顯示學習遊戲可以引起學生的學習動機且學生對於學習都持正向的態度。
The purpose of this research was to develop a learning game focusing on concepts of light, to examine its impact on elementary students’ concepts of light, and to investigate students’ learning motivation and attitude toward learning game. Quasi-experimental design was applied. Participants are 47 third grade students. There are 23 students in the experimental group using light game, while 24 students in the control group using light video. Neither of the students has any prior knowledge about concepts of light. Research instruments included a light game, a light video, a learning game evaluation form, a learning motivation questionnaire, a learning attitude questionnaire, and an achievement test. Research instruments have been evaluated by five expert teachers. The research results indicate that both groups have significant improvement on the achievement test, but have no significant difference between groups. The average values of motivation and attitude from the experiment group were 3.31 and 3.26 respectively indicating that learning through gaming can induce students’ motivation and positive attitude toward learning.
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