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dc.contributorMING-PUU, CHENen_US
dc.contributor.authorJIH-WEI, HSUen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討不同的數位學習環境(擴增實境、虛擬實境)與學習引導策略(程序引導、問題引導)對國小六年級的學習者使用5E探索式平板電腦遊戲學習晝夜與四季課程之學習成效與學習態度之影響。研究對象為國小六年級學習者,有效樣本為117人,教學實驗活動為期三週,共計120分鐘。研究採因子設計之準實驗研究法,自變項包括數位學習環境與學習引導策略,數位學習環境分為擴增實境和虛擬實境,學習引導策略分為程序引導策略和問題引導策略;依變項則包括晝夜與四季課程之學習成效和學習態度。 研究結果依晝夜與四季課程之學習成效與學習態度兩個面向,綜合歸納如下:(1)在晝夜與四季課程之知識應用面向,國小六年級學習者於擴增實境遊戲進行學習活動,使用問題引導策略顯著優於程序引導策略;而在知識理解面向,學習者在不同的數位學習環境與學習引導策略皆不影響晝夜與四季課程知識理解成效表現;(2)學習者在不同的數位學習環境進行晝夜與四季課程學習活動皆持正向的學習價值與學習幫助度。而在學習滿意度面向,虛擬實境組學習者顯著優於擴增實境組學習者;對於搭配不同的學習引導策略進行晝夜與四季課程學習活動時學習者皆持正向的學習態度。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of digital learning environment and learning guidance on elementary students' performance in learning of Day-Night and the Four Seasons concepts using 5E learning cycle. The independent variables were types of digital learning environment and learning guidance. The digital learning environments included the augmented reality and the virtual reality environments. Two types of learning guidance were employed, including the procedural guidance and the question guidance. The dependent variables were learning performance and attitudes toward the received digital learning. The experimental learning activity lasted for 3 weeks and the total learning time was 120 minutes. The effective sample size of this study was 117. The results revealed that (a) when learning from the augmented-reality environment, the question-guidance group achieved better knowledge application performance than the procedural-guidance group, however, there were no significant difference between the learning environment groups and the learning guidance groups on knowledge-understanding performance; (b) participants showed positive attitudes, work value and helpfulness toward the received learning environment and guidance and the virtual-reality group showed more positive satisfaction than the augmented-reality group.en_US
dc.subject5E learning cycleen_US
dc.subjectdigital learning environmenten_US
dc.subjectlearning guidance strategyen_US
dc.titleThe Effects of Digital Learning Environment and Learning Guidance Strategy on Elementary Students’ Performance in Learning of Day-night and Four Seasons Concepten_US
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