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Title: 數位心像旋轉遊戲對國小五年級學生空間能力之影響
Effects of Digital Mental Rotation Game on Fifth Graders’ Spatial Ability
Authors: 邱貴發
Lin, Yen-Chiang
Keywords: 空間能力
spatial ability
mental rotation ability
mental rotation training software
game-based learning
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究探討國小五年級學生使用數位心像旋轉遊戲「翻轉小小兵」,對其空間能力的影響。 研究採用單組準實驗設計。研究對象為台北市士林區某國小33名學生及台北市信義區某國小26名學生。遊戲進行80分鐘,於連續的兩節課進行。實驗開始前,先進行空間能力前測,結束後進行空間能力後測及空間學習態度及滿意度問卷填寫。 研究結果顯示,台北市士林區國小學生後測成績退步,台北市信義區國小學生後測成績進步,但兩間國小的進步或退步差異量數未達統計上的顯著差異。士林區與信義區國小學生遊戲設計滿意度皆給予正向的回饋,且對於空間學習持正向態度。學生學習態度與操作次數之間,及操作次數與學習表現之間皆具有顯著關聯性,且發現操作次數較多的學生提供較多的空間學習遊戲設計建議。
The purposes of this research were to develop a digital mental rotation game and to examine its influence on the change of spatial ability of fifth graders. Students’ attitudes toward the rotation game and the relationships among attitudes, operating frequency, and performance were also analyzed. A single group quasi-experimental design was implemented. 33 fifth grade students at Shilin district and 26 at Xinyi district participated in the experiment. The duration of experiment is 80 minutes. Research instruments included the digital mental rotation game, a spatial performance test, an attitude questionnaire, and a satisfaction questionnaire. single group quasi-experimental design The research results indicated that the performance scores of students at the Xinyi district are better than the performance sores of students at the Shilin district. However, there is no statistically significant difference between their scores. Both groups showed positive attitude toward the use of digital mental rotation training. Both groups also have positive satisfaction toward the mental spatial rotation training. As to the relationships among attitude, frequency, and performance, statistical significances were found between attitude and operating frequency (Cramer’s V =.805 and .864) and between operating frequency and performance (Cramer’s V =.938 and .641).
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