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Title: 國小學生線上閱讀歷程與閱讀表現之研究
Studies on Elementary Students’ Online Reading Behaviors and Reading Performance
Authors: 張國恩
Keywords: 線上閱讀
Online Reading
reading ability
reading goal
eye movement
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究目的在了解國小學生線上閱讀歷程與閱讀表現,結合眼動技術與回溯性放聲思考,嘗試從「閱讀能力」、「閱讀目標」與「文本類型」三個不同面向,探討國小學童的線上閱讀行為。 研究對象為基隆市國小五年級學生100名,高閱讀能力學生26名與低閱讀能力學生24名。實驗前,所有學生先接受閱讀理解困難篩選測驗和資訊能力測驗;實驗處理階段,依「閱讀目標」與「文本類型」,根據任務回答線上閱讀問題;實驗後,進行回溯性放聲思考,並填寫線上閱讀理解搜尋歷程問卷。 本研究結果如下:一、不同「閱讀能力」學生,在圖表(無目標線性文本下)平均凝視時間和主題句(有目標下)全部凝視時間百分比有顯著差異。二、不同「閱讀目標」在組織策略、輔助策略、主題句(低閱讀能力下)全部凝視時間百分比和統整策略(線性文本下)有顯著差異。三、不同「文本類型」在段落、主題句全部凝視時間百分比和統整策略有顯著差異。四、國小學童在進行線上閱讀時,普遍很少使用搜尋工具或無法決定關鍵字來協助閱讀。五、有很高比例的學童,對於不同頁面之間的理解和決定下一個要瀏覽的網頁感到困難,更有三成的受試者有不清楚的情況發生。
The purpose of this study was using 3-way ANOVA which are "Reading Abilities", "Reading Goals" and "Text Types “methods and integrate with eye movement studies and retrospective think aloud to understand and investigate online reading behaviors and reading performances for the elementary school students. The objects for this study were 100 of fifth grade students. They were sifting 26 students out in higher reading ability group with 24 students in lower reading ability group. Before the experiment, all students had to take online reading comprehension test and computer-based ability test; during the experimental processing stage, the students needed to do the online reading test; after experiment, the students needed to do retrospective think aloud and fill out the online reading comprehension search behavior questionnaire. The results of this study are as follows: (1) The students in different reading abilities, there are significant differences in diagram (non-objective linear text)of fixation duration and topic sentences (lower reading ability) of percentage of total fixation duration. (2) In different reading goals, there are significant differences in organizational strategy, auxiliary strategy, topic sentences (lower reading ability) of percentage of total fixation duration and integration strategy (linear text). (3) In different text types, there were significant differences in paragraphs, topic sentences of percentage of total fixation duration and integration strategy. (4) While the elementary school students were doing online reading, they rarely use the search engine or can’t decide the keywords to assist in reading. (5) There were high proportion of students were having difficulty to understand in different pages and hard to make decisions to decide the next website to browse , and there were more than 30% of them got stray from internet.
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