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Title: 使用Moodle進行國中電腦課評量之效益評估
The Evaluation of use Moodle Quiz module on Computer Lesson at Junior High School
Authors: 何榮桂
Shen, Hsiu-Hsia
Keywords: 多待答選項
multiple answer pool
Moodle adaptive quiz
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 在學習的過程中,測驗的實施可審視學習者的學習內容,瞭解學生對學習內容的瞭解程度是否有不足之處,利用網路從事形成性評量時所關心的,亦是評量的實施是否有其效益,評量後提供的回饋能否彌補真實能力與參考能力間的差異,網路形成性評量之策略為「重複作答」、「不提供答案」與「立即(Timely)回饋」,典型試題為固定待答選項,本研究加入多項待答選項與Moodle適性模式,研究目的有二: 一、「固定待答選項」與「多項待答選項」策略之網路形成性評量,其總結性評量結果是否有差異? 二、以「不提供答案、立即回饋、重複作答」的網路形成性評量策略為基礎,Moodle之「適性模式」策略是否也能達到同樣的學習效益? 結果顯示: 一、「固定待答選項」與「多項待答選項」策略之網路形成性評量,其總結性評量結果並無明顯差異。 二、以「不提供答案、立即回饋、重複作答」的網路形成性評量策略為基礎,「Moodle適性模式」之網路形成性評量也能達到相同效益,且經研究後發現,效果更佳。
In the course of study, the implementation of the test can scrutinize the learner's study, understand whether students have a weak on learning. When we use the world-wide web mediated assessment, we care about the efficacy of the assessment, and whether the feedback that assessment system offered could remedy the gap between actual level and reference level. The world-wide web mediated formative assessment's policy are 'Repeatedly take the same test', 'Do not supply correct answer' and 'Timely feedback'. In the typical examination, answer pool that wait to be selected are fixed. In this study , there are two mode added, which is multiple answer pool mode and Moodle adaptive mode, we want to realize about: 1).Does it have any difference in summative assessment between 'fixed answer pool mode' and 'multiple answer pool mode'? 2).Base on the world-wide web mediated assessment policy, can Moodle adaptive mode achieve the same efficacy level? The result reveals: 1).There is no difference in summative assessment between 'fixed answer pool mode' and 'multiple answer pool mode'. 2).Base on the world-wide web mediated assessment policy, Moodle adaptive mode achieve higher efficacy level.
Other Identifiers: GN0094083106
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