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Title: 鷹架策略與提示策略對不同先備知識國中生程式設計課程學習成效與動機之探討
Effects of Scaffolding, Prompting and Prior Knowledge on Junior High Students’ Programming Learning
Authors: 陳明溥
Chen, Ming-Puu
Ly, The-Phung
Keywords: 鷹架策略
prior knowledge
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究目的為探討鷹架策略與提示策略對不同先備知識國中八年級學習者在擴增實境學習環境中的程式設計學習成效與學習動機之影響。本研究採因子設計之準實驗研究,有效樣本134人。自變項為「鷹架策略」、「提示策略」與「先備知識」;「鷹架策略」分為概念鷹架及程序鷹架,「提示策略」分為影片提示及圖像提示,「先備知識」分為高先備知識與低先備知識。依變項為「程式設計學習成效」與「程式設計學習動機」;「程式設計學習成效」分為知識理解及知識應用,「程式設計學習動機」分為價值成分及期望成分兩個面向。 研究結果顯示:在學習成效方面,(1)就知識理解而言,高先備知識學習者表現優於低先備知識學習者,鷹架策略與提示策略各組學習者的知識理解表現無顯著差異;(2)就知識應用而言,鷹架策略與提示策略二維交互作用達顯著水準,在接受程序鷹架策略時,觀看影片提示學習者表現顯著優於圖像提示學習者;在觀看圖像提示時,接受概念鷹架的學習者表現顯著優於程序鷹架學習者;高先備知識學習者表現優於低先備知識學習者。在學習動機方面,(3)各實驗組學習者對學習活動皆抱持正向動機表現;其中,接受概念鷹架的學習者在學習動機價值成分(內在目標面向、工作價值面向)與期望成分(控制信念面向)顯著優於程序鷹架的學習者。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of scaffolding, prompting and prior knowledge on junior high students’ programming learning performance and motivation. A quasi-experimental design was employed and a total of 134 eighth graders participated in the experimental activity. The independent variables included types of scaffolding (concept scaffolding vs. procedure scaffolding), prompting (video prompting vs. picture prompting), and prior knowledge (high vs. low). The dependent variables were students’ learning performance and motivation. The results revealed that: (a) for the comprehension performance, the high prior knowledge group outperformed the low prior knowledge group; (b) for the application performance, the interaction between scaffolding and prompting is significant, the video prompting group outperformed picture prompting group while receiving procedure scaffolding; and the concept scaffolding group outperformed procedure scaffolding group while using picture prompting; the high prior knowledge group outperformed the low prior knowledge group; and (c) all participants showed positive motivation toward programming learning, and particularly, the concept scaffolding group showed higher degree of motivation than the procedure scaffolding group did.
Other Identifiers: G060508020E
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