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dc.contributorChen, Ming-Puuen_US
dc.contributor.authorChang, Shu-Haoen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討探索學習模式(循環式個別探索、階段式整合探索)及提示策略(文字提示、雙碼提示)對於學習者在擴增實境學習環境中,英語單字及閱讀的學習成效與學習動機之影響。本研究的對象為八年級學生,採因子設計之準實驗研究法,自變項為「探索學習模式」及「提示策略」,有效樣本107人。探索學習模式依照探索方式區分為「循環式個別探索」及「階段式整合探索」;提示策略則依照提示資訊的差異分為「文字提示」及「雙碼提示」。依變項為英語閱讀之學習成效(生字理解、閱讀應用)及學習動機(價值面向、期望面向)。 研究發現:在學習成效方面,(1)就生字理解而言,雙碼提示組的生字理解表現優於文字提示組、探索學習二組在生字理解則無顯著差異;(2)就閱讀應用而言,循環式個別探索組的閱讀應用表現優於階段式整合探索組、提示策略二組在閱讀應用則無顯著差異。在學習動機方面,(3)各實驗組對學習活動皆抱持正向的學習動機,其中文字提示組的學習者有較高的參與動機表現。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of type of game-based inquiry learning and prompting strategy on junior high school students’ performance and motivation in learning English vocabulary and reading through Augmented Reality digital game. A quasi-experimental design was employed and the independent variables were type of game-based inquiry learning and prompting strategies. While the type of game-based inquiry learning consisted of the recycling individual exploration and the stage integrated exploration, the prompting strategies were the text prompt and the dual-code prompt. The dependent variables included the students’ learning performance and motivation. The participants were 107 eighth graders and the effective sample size was 107. The results revealed that: (a) the dual-code prompt group outperformed the text prompt group on the performance of vocabulary comprehension; (b) the recycling individual exploration group outperformed the stage integrated exploration group on the performance of reading application; and (c) as for learning motivation, participants showed positive motivation toward the employed prompt strategies and the text prompt group revealed higher degree of motivation in comparison with the dual-code prompt group.en_US
dc.subjectEnglish reading comprehensionen_US
dc.subjectAugmented Realityen_US
dc.subjectinquiry-based learningen_US
dc.subjectprompt strategiesen_US
dc.subject5E learning cycleen_US
dc.titleEffects of Type of Game-Based Inquiry Learning and Prompting Strategy on Junior High School Students’ Performance and Motivation in Learning of English Vocabulary and Reading through Augmented Reality Digital Gameen_US
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