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Title: 負向情感的圖像在多媒體學習上的成效分析
The Effect of Graphics with Negative Emotion in Multimedia Learning on Learners’ Performance
Authors: 張國恩
Chang, Kuo-En
Sung, Yao-Ting
Liu, Tzu-Chien
Huang, Tzu-Ting
Keywords: 多媒體學習
Multimedia Learning
Negative Emotion
Cognitive Load
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 根據過去的研究結果顯示,若在多媒體學習中加入不同種類的圖像就會有不同的學習成效。在一些衛生教育、疾病預防等特定科目領域中的教學現場、演講或是教科書中經常會使用能夠引起學習者注意且與課程相關的圖像,像是一些病症症狀、災難現場等可能隱含比較負向的情感,然而這樣的負向情感對學習是否會產生影響?過去探討負向情感對多媒體學習的影響結果仍不一致,而大多引發自學習前,使用的素材也都與課程無關,這樣的作法基本上較違背一般的課室教學,因此本研究不刻意使用其他工具促發負向情感,而是探討在多媒體教材中經常使用的兩種本身可能隱含負向情感的圖像(真實圖像和插畫圖像)與沒有使用圖像的課程進行比較,探討有無使用這類圖像對學習成效的影響。研究結果顯示雖然使用真實圖像會讓學習者感到不愉快,但可以降低學習者的外在認知負荷和增加增生認知負荷,並促進學習,而且也較能維持學習成效。然而,插畫圖像與無圖像組在情感上沒有顯著差異,雖然也能夠降低外在認知負荷、增加增生認知負荷、促進學習成效,但未能夠維持學習效果。
According to the studies in the past, different types of graphics we use in the multimedia learning will result in different learning performance. In the domain of health education or disease preventing, we usually use some kind of graphics like wounds or diseases that not only relates to the learning content, but also with negative emotions. How does this kind of negative emotions effect students’ learning? The results of the studies that investigate negative emotions in multimedia learning so far did not have consistency, and most of them evoke the emotions before learning and the materials have no relation to the course. Therefore, this study won’t evoke negative emotion on purpose. We use two kinds of graphics, real pictures and illustrations, to compare with non-graphic, and to investigate the effect of graphics with negative emotion in multimedia learning on learners’ performance. The result reveals that although real pictures make students unhappy, they still reduce the extraneous load and increase the germane load and promote longer learning. On the other hand, illustrations don’t have significant difference in negative emotion comparing to non-graphic and thus can’t promote longer learning. Nevertheless, illustrations can reduce the learners’ extraneous load and increase the germane load to promote immediate learning.
Other Identifiers: G060408012E
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