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Title: ARCS動機模式在企業數位學習課程之應用
ARCS Motivation Model in a Corporate e-Learning Course.
Authors: 邱貴發
Chiou, Guey-Fa
Wei, Wei-Shan
Keywords: ARCS動機模式
ARCS model
Corporate e-Learning
Learning motivation
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract:   本研究探討將ARCS動機模式應用在企業數位學習課程上,對學習者的學習動機、學習滿意度與學習成效之影響。   研究採等組後測設計,研究參與者為國內L公司在職人員共30位,其中15位為實驗組,使用「ARCS動機模式課程」,15位為對照組,使用「無ARCS動機模式課程」。所有研究參與者先前皆無本課程的學習經驗。研究工具包含ARCS動機模式課程、後測測驗卷、學習動機問卷與課程滿意度問卷。   研究結果顯示,實驗組於後測分數上顯著高於對照組。對於各自所學習的課程,兩組學習者在學習動機與課程滿意度上皆給予正向看法。研究結論是ARCS動機模式能有效改善企業數位學習。
 The purpose of this research was to use the ARCS model in a corporate e-Learning course, and examined the impact of the ARCS model on employee training. Employees’ attitude toward the online course and the learning motivation were also investigated.  Posttest-only design was implemented. 30 employees from L Trading Company participated in the experiment. There are 15 employees in the experimental group using the ARCS model course, while 15 employees in the control group using the course without the ARCS model. Neither of the employees has any prior knowledge about concepts of the course. Research instruments included the ARCS model course, achievement test, learning motivation questionnaire and learning attitude questionnaire.  The research results indicate that both groups have significant difference on the achievement test. They also had positive attitude and motivation toward learning. The results suggested that the ARCS model is an effective way to improve corporate e-Learning course.
Other Identifiers: G060308014E
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