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Title: 結合擴增實境技術與引導發現學習策略應用於植物園學習之成效
Studies on Applying Augmented Reality and Guided Discovery Learning Strategy in Botanical Garden Learning
Authors: 張國恩
Chang, Kuo-En
Sung, Yao-Ting
Huang, Yu-Ting
Keywords: 擴增實境
augmented reality
guided discovery learning
plants learning
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 有鑑於植物盲的現象加劇,本研究欲結合擴增實境與引導發現學習策略設計一套學習系統作為植物學習工具,協助學習者深入觀察植物並進行分類,接著探討學習者在使用本研究所設計的擴增實境植物學習系統(AR-BGLS)與學習單的學習表現。研究對象為89位小學三年級學生,採用準實驗研究法之前後測不等組設計。自變項為不同工具之學習方式,依變項為學習者之學習表現,包含學習成效、神馳經驗、學習者行為模式與系統使用態度與接受程度。 研究結果發現:(一)AR-BGLS可以加強學習者的學習成效;(二)AR-BGLS相較於學習單的學習方式,對於學習興趣並無顯著差異;(三)AR-BGLS相較於學習單組的學習方式,更能幫助學習者與實體植物互動;(四)運用AR-BGLS部分學習者具有正面使用態度與接受程度。
In view of the increasing influence of plant blindness, the study is to design a set of learning system which combined augmented reality and guided discovery learning to be the plants learning tool, and this learning tool could assist student to observe plants deeply and classify plants. To compare the learning performance of students, we used the augmented reality learning tool (AR-BGLS) and the worksheets. The research was adopted the quasi-experimental design with nonequivalent pretest-posttest design, and the participants were 89 students in the third grade in elementary school. The independent variables were two learning ways; the dependent variables included learning outcomes, flow experience, learning behavioral patterns and learners’ attitude on the use and acceptance of learning system. The results showed that: (a) AR-BGLS promoted the learning performance in botanical garden learning; (b) there was no significant difference in promoting the flow experience in using AR-BGLS and the worksheets; (c) AR-BGLS promoted well interactions between learners and plants; (d) some of the learners had positive attitudes on the use and acceptance of AR-BGLS.
Other Identifiers: G060108010E
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