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Title: 國中資訊技能專題學習之教學模式探討
The Effect of Type of Instruction on Junior High Student's Computer Project Performance
Authors: 陳明溥
Ming-Puu Chen
Li-Chun Wang
Keywords: 專題學習
project-based learning
learning style
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討專題學習之教學模式及學習型態對國中生資訊技能學習成效、自我監控與學習態度的影響。研究樣本為國中二年級隨機抽取三個班共112人,其中學習型態依認知歷程及學習活動的個別差異分為整體-分析、語意-圖像、具體-抽象、及嘗試-反思型態;而教學模式依照教學程序的不同分為教學式、範例式與探索式。 研究結果發現:(1)範例式教學模式可以使學生獲得較好的學習成效、學習動機及主動學習的學習態度;(2)教學模式與學習型態偏好的學習方式相符時,可以有效強化學習成效;(3)教學模式與學習型態偏好的學習方式相符,學生在學習歷程中自我監控能力較好;(4)教學模式與學習型態偏好的學習方式相符,學生的學習動機相對較強、主動性也比較積極,對學習態度比較正向。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of type of instruction and learning style on junior high students’ computer project performance, self-monitoring and attitudes. Participants were 112 junior high school students who were randomly assigned as the theory-based group, the example-based group and the exploratory-based group by class. Learners’ learning styles were categorized from the perspectives of global-analytical, verbal-imaginal, concrete-abstract, and trial-error feedback-reflective. The results showed that the example-based instruction facilitated learners' project performance, self-monitoring, and positive attitudes toward learning. Matching learner’s learning style with type of instruction enhanced learner’s project performance, self-monitoring, and positive attitudes toward learning.
Other Identifiers: G00H2083023
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