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Title: 即時通訊軟體對高中學生電腦科學習成效之分析
Learning Effects of Instant Messenger
Authors: 何榮桂
Keywords: 即時通訊軟體
Instant Messenger (IM)
Learning Style
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究以即時通訊軟體為工具,探討即時通訊軟體對學生在學習方面的成效。另外,分析不同學習型態的學生在使用即時通訊軟體上的差異亦是重點之一。故本研究目的有二: 一、探討使用即時通訊軟體進行學習的成效。 二、探討不同學習型態的學生對即時通訊軟體在功能、使用態度、系統穩定性的差異。 本研究以高中一年級學生為樣本,抽出兩班學生,實驗組39人,控制組45人。在教師授與電腦科程式語言相同進度後,給予兩人一組的小組作業,實驗組須以即時通訊軟體進行討論,兩週後予以施測,由小組作業與考試成績為後測結果。為了排除干擾變項,遂事先取得兩組前學期成績為共變量,進行組內迴歸係數同質性檢定考驗後,再以共變數分析分析實驗處理對後測成績是否有顯著差異。實驗組須另外填寫「學習型態量表」與「即時通訊軟體使用調查問卷」,採用變異數分析探討不同學習型態的學生在使用即時通訊軟體上的差異,若檢驗結果顯著,則須再進行事後比較研究。 研究結論如下: 一、使用即時通訊軟體進行學習有顯著成效。 二、不同學習型態在即時通訊軟體的使用上會有部份的差異。
The purpose of this study is to analyze the learning effects of instant messenger (IM) on students’ academic performance. Analyzing the behaviors of using IM among students with different learning styles is another focus in this paper. Two major purposes are, 1.To analyze the learning effects of IM. 2.To analyze differences of using IM among students with different learning styles. The samples in this study are based on 1st-grade senior high school students. After being taught the same computer language courses, the first group (with 35 students) must use IM to communicate while the second group (with 45 students) discuss with each other in any other way. Two weeks after, two groups of students must take an exam. The researcher then uses ANCOVA to analyze the results. The first group must finish two questionnaires, including “Learning Style” and “The Survey of Using IM”. The purpose of using ANOVA to analyze two questionnaires is to understand the difference in using IM among students of different learning styles. If the results are significant, we have to further use Scheffe to compare the differences. Two conclusions resulted from above tests and analyses are, 1.Using IM in learning shows significant results in this study. 2.Students with different learning styles show some differences in the behaviors of using IM.
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