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Title: 重度肢障者適用之中文輸入法研發與整合
The Development of a Chinese Input System for Critical Physical Disabliloties
Authors: 吳榮根
Keywords: 重度肢障
Critical Physical Disabliloties
Physical Disabliloties
Asistive technology
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 為幫助重度肢障者解決因手部功能障礙而造成操作電腦上的不便,因此有必要設計一個結合軟體與硬體的電腦輔具,使用簡易的輸入裝置進行電腦文字輸入與操控滑鼠工作,並提供重度肢障者一個使用電腦的良好顯示介面,讓重度肢障者學習電腦、使用電腦變的更容易,幫助肢障者可以和正常人一樣,享受資訊科技所帶來的便利。 本研究開發一套重度肢障者適用之中文輸入法,在輸入法中同時提供注音輸入、倉頡輸入兩個目前常用的中文輸入法,並可進行英文、數字、符號、組合鍵、及常用控制鍵之操作,在文字輸入時提供語音輔助操作。使用不同的輸入裝置如單鍵輸入開關、雙鍵輸入開關、語音開關,並結合文字掃描、摩斯碼輸入等不同的文字輸入方式,利用開關的選擇及語音命令來取代滑鼠的操作,製作一個能夠取代鍵盤與滑鼠的實用電腦輔具。
The purpose of this study is to develop a Chinese input system for Critical physical disabilities. In order to help people with severe physical disabilities to overcome the computer operation inconvenience caused by hand disability, it is necessary to design an adaptive computer device that integrates software and hardware for simple word input and mouse control. With good display interface, it makes easy for people with severe physical disabilities to use computer and to enjoy the convenience of information technology just like a normal person does. This research has developed a Chinese input method for people with severe physical disabilities. It not only offers both the commonly used Phonetic input and Chajei input method, but also English, number, symbol, combination key, common control key and voice assistant function. The input device may be a one-button switch, a two-button switch, or a voice switch. It integrates a variety of input methods like word scanning, Morse code input…etc. It utilizes switch option and voice command to replace mouse control. Together we have made an adaptive computer device that can replace conventional keyboard and mouse.
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