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Titel: 致我們的學生時代—澳門留級生之敘事研究
To our school days-A Narrative Research on Macau Students with experiences of grade retention
Autoren: 卯靜儒
Mao, Chin-Ju
Cheong, Man-Ha
Stichwörter: 澳門
Grade Retention
Student Experience
Narrative Research
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Zusammenfassung:   高留級率,一直是澳門教育發展存在的難題。就目前的有關研究而言,似乎尚未有專門針對澳門留級學生經驗的專題研究。故此,本研究憑著對澳門留級學生的關懷,採用敘事研究的取徑,以深度訪談為主要資料蒐集方式,探究其等的經驗,以及留級對其等產生的影響。   本研究依據與二位留級學生的深度訪談,以其等留級經驗的「生成」、「應對」以及「意義」為核心,分析與詮釋二人所敘說的生命故事:(一)留級經驗的生成:二人皆處於複雜多元脈絡情境中,受到眾多脈絡因素影響,諸如社會文化思潮、學校教育制度、個人特質及家庭環境等,而二人的經驗亦深受這些脈絡因素影響,使得其個人人格需求與制度角色期望不符而留級。(二)留級經驗的應對:留級,不但為二人形成負面個人感受,而且為其等所處的社會關係,帶來眾多壓力,甚至產生危機。而老師、同儕的接納與關懷,以及生活重要支撐,是協助二人回復穩定狀態的關鍵;二人亦具有能動性,去對抗一些強加於其身上的角色期望。(三)留級經驗的意義:生命是持續不斷的累積,二人都將留級經驗視為其等眾多生命經驗,在時間的延伸與空間的交錯下,呈顯的一個生命交會點。最後,藉由研究限制與自我省思,提出若干建議。
  The high occurrence of grade retention has been a difficult problem in educational development in Macau. However, there seems to have a lack of academic research on the related topic. Caring about students who experienced grade retention, this research uses narrative methodology as the research tool. The data collection is conducted through in-depth interviews. The purpose is to investigate into the influence of experiences of grade retention on students.   There are two research subjects invited to the in-depth interviews, both of them were students that experienced grade retention in school days. Based on the data gathered in the interviews, the author interprets and analyzes their life stories. Subsequently, their stories can be concluded into three major viewpoints: 1. “Cause”: the subjects lived in complicated and complex circumstances. They were also affected by multiple factors, such as social cultural thoughts, educational systems, personalities and family backgrounds. Profoundly influenced by these factors, a conflict between the needs of the subjects and the expectations of social systems was generated. Therefore, they were caused to repeat a year. 2. “Strategy”: Not only repeating a year brought negative influence on their emotion, but also gave pressure to their social relationships, even pushing them in danger. Fortunately, acceptance and care from teachers and classmates, as well as important life supports, were crucial strategies helping them back to stability. On the other hand, they had initiative to confront the imposed expectations. 3. “Significance”: The subjects believed that the experience of grade retention was a significant intersection of their life experiences. Last but not least, the author raises several suggestions regarding research restrictions and auto-criticism.
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