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Title: 國中教師使用「均一教育平台」之研究:以宜蘭縣一所國中為例
A Case Study on the Application of the Junyi Academy to the Teaching of Junior High School Teachers in Yillan County
Authors: 郝永崴
Chao, Wei-Ting
Keywords: 均一教育平台
the Junyi Academy
junior high school teachers
application to teaching
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中教師使用「均一教育平台」之情況、教師使用平台結合教學之考量面向,以及教師背景因素所造成的影響。根據研究目的與問題以及文獻探討,本研究採取問卷調查和訪談的途徑,以宜蘭縣一所國中為例,調查全校共四十八位教師,並且採立意取樣三位教師進行半結構式的訪談。 最後,整合量化與質性的研究發現獲致以下三點結論: 壹、多數教師仍維持傳統的教學方式,部份教師將「均一教育平台」視為輔助原有教學的工具,並且使用平台的最大問題為學生未能在課餘時間持續自主學習。 貳、教師使用「均一教育平台」結合教學之首要考量面向為科技創新面向。 叁、不同職稱、身分別以及文書處理軟體使用情況(科1)在「曾經自行瀏覽平台與否」方面有顯著差異,其餘各部份則未有顯著差異。 根據上述結論,本研究分別針對未來研究、教育人員以及政策推動人員三方面提出相關建議以供參考。
This study aimed to investigate the various aspects of the application of the Junyi Academy to the teaching of junior high school teachers and analyze the differences contributed by the background variables of the subjects. Based on the research questions and literature review, the study adopted an integrated approach to data-gathering by surveying all forty-eight teachers in a junior high school in Yilan County and interviewing three of them. The following key findings emerged from the quantitative and qualitative data of the study: 1. The majority of the subjects still gave lectures in a traditional way. Some of them used the Junyi Academy as a tool to facilitate their teaching without integrating it into their teaching. The results also showed that students did not initiate self-learning on the Academy after class. 2. The subjects used the Academy in their teaching primarily because of its technological characteristics. 3. Significant differences created by the subjects’ professional posts, employment titles, and conditions of using web browsers technologies were observed only in the item of “having browsed the Junyi Academy or not,” while other background variables showed no difference. Based on the above findings, the study may provide implications that will inform future research, pedagogical practice, and policy-making.
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