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dc.contributorMao, Chin-Juen_US
dc.contributor.authorChin Fu, Miaoen_US
dc.description.abstract為因應未來施行十二年一貫課程的背景之下,本研究欲從學生觀點來看國中到高中歷史科學習經驗之狀況,以探討相關銜接與落差之議題。 本研究主要採取深度訪談的方式,以五位社會組與五位自然組結束高二歷史課程之學生作為訪談對象,欲了解其從國一至高二修習學校歷史課程學習經驗。根據學生訪談的內容,本研究得到的結論為:一、學生高中歷史學習經歷較國中多元,但仍囿限於一般的知識傳遞與接收的經驗;二、認知層面是銜接的基礎,但無與社會文化與情感層面的配合則學生國高中歷史學習經驗無法順利銜接;三、從學生國高中歷史學習經驗在認知、社會文化與情感層面的落差,可知現行課綱規劃與課程實施仍有不足之處。最後,依研究結論對教育場域與未來相關研究提出建議。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractBased on the implementation of Grade 1-12 Curriculum in the future, the research attempts to understand the articulation of students’ history learning experience between junior and senior high schools from students’ perspective. Researcher collected the data by in-depth interviews. The subjects are 10 senior high school students of second year, in which 5 of them are social sciences major and the others are nature sciences major. Accordind to the interviews above, the research shows that: 1. Students’ history learning experience in senior high school is more multivariate than that in junior high, yet it is still limited in experiences of transferring and receiving general knowledge; 2. Cognitive aspect is the foundation of articulation, yet without coordinating with social and emotional aspects, students’ history learning experience in senior and junior high may not articulate successfully; 3. From viewing the gap between cognitive, social, and emotion aspects of students’ history learning experience in senior and junior high, we know that the plans of course outline and curriculum implementation is still deficient. According to the findings, researcher has concluded some suggestions to the curriculum and teaching in history between junior and senior high schools.en_US
dc.subjecthistory subjecten_US
dc.subjectstudents’ learning experienceen_US
dc.subjectstudents’ perspectiveen_US
dc.titleA Research from Students’ Perspective of Articulation of History Learning Experience between Junior and Senior High Schoolsen_US
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