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Titel: 一位國中導師對國中生同儕霸凌的關懷倫理學之實踐
Applying the Ethics of Care to Students Involved in School Bullying: A Junior High School Teacher's Narrative Inquiry
Autoren: 劉美慧
Liu, Mei-Hui
Weng, Nai-Chen
Stichwörter: 關懷倫理學
ethics of care
class management
narrative research
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Zusammenfassung: 校園霸凌事件層出不窮,建立友善校園是人人都認同的理想。然而成長中的青少年,價值觀的建立以及人生經驗、人際互動都尚待學習,應對進退間容易犯錯,同儕打鬧玩耍容易踰矩成了欺凌。我在教學現場擔任二十二年班級導師,和學生有密切的互動。每一屆的學生都會發生一些有意或無意的同儕霸凌事件,每一宗個案的發生都有其特殊性,導師的事前預防與事後輔導都要耗費巨大的心力與無數的時間,本研究主要想探討的問題是:身為國中導師的我,如何看見同儕霸凌現象,如何運用關懷倫理學處理同儕霸凌事件並輔導學生。 有鑑於此,本研究希望能藉教學現場的導師經驗,發現同儕霸凌現象並以四個實例,記敘班級導師透過觀察、訪談、文件分析等方式記錄如何運用關懷倫理學的教育方式,探討在班級經營中實踐的成效與歷程。透過敘事探究的方式,釐清一位國中班級導師在進行班級經營時,如何運用對話、身教、實踐與肯定的方式實踐關懷倫理學,建立學生的良好品格。實踐關懷,化解班級間同儕霸凌問題,引導學生學習正確人生觀。 在實踐過程中,主要發現如下:1.同儕霸凌現象多發生在私下場合,班級導師要從細微處發現學生有異,觀察與關心最直接能發現異於平常之處。其次,班級導師可善用與學生的溝通管道得知問題,例如聯絡簿的生活札記可以透露出學生的日常生活,從而發現問題。2.班級導師運用關懷倫理學處理同儕霸凌事件並輔導學生。教師透過身教、對話、實踐與肯定等四個方式,落實在班級經營中,掌握關懷倫理學的教育原則。 最後本研究建議理論與實務相結合,讓教師更能掌握正確的方式進行班級經營,同時,透過關懷倫理學的實踐讓更多需要幫助的青少年在徬徨時得到關懷與理解,特殊個案則視需要求助其他專業領域的協助。
The school bullying happens again and again, but our goal is to have friendly environment for students. The immature teeangers are prone to make mistakes while they are ineracting with others. I have been a homeroom teacher for 22 years and have close interaction with students. Every year there are bullying cases in my classs, whether the students behave that way on purpose or not. Furthermore, due to the uniqueness of every case, the teacher has to spend a lot of energy and time to prevent the bullying beforehand and do the counselling afterwards. This study aims to answer the questions: As a homeroom teacher at a junior high school, how can I find out bullying cases in my class? Besides, how can I deal with the bullying and guide my students by practicing the ethics of care? This study explored peer-bullying through the teacher’s interaction with four cases. I described how I utilizesd ehtics of care to discuss the outcome and process during class management in three different ways: observation, interviewing and document-analysis. Through narrative research, I described how a junior high school homeroom teacher practicesd ethics of care and developed students’ characters by using conversations, examples, practices, and assertiveness. The main findings are as follows: First, The bullying cases mostly happened in private occasions. The homeroom teachers noticed students’ subtle differences. Observation and care for them helped teachers discover the differences of students directly. Besides, the homeroom teacher made good use of communication books to find out the problems. Students diaries revealed their daily lives and the teacher thus found out the problems. Second, The teacher was sensitive enough to find out students’ differences and intervene in the cases at a proper time. The teacher taught the whole class about values during class hours and at the same time deal with the cases properly in time. Finally, this study provides the suggestions for homeroom teacher to solve peer bullying and to practice of ethics of care.
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