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Title: 高職生英語文法補救教學學習狀況之探討
Authors: 郝永崴
Kuo, Yu-Ju
Keywords: 補救教學
remedial instruction
English teaching
vocational high school students
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討英語文法補救教學對高職二年級學生學習成就的情形以及在補救教學之後學生英語學習態度的改變。 本研究採個案研究,以基隆市某高職二年級學生為研究對象,根據研究目的以及文獻探討,在實施英語文法補救教學之後,進行測驗、學生英語學習態度問卷與個別訪談。實施測驗之目的在於了解學生學習成就;而英語學習態度問卷和個別訪談則是要了解學生在補救教學之後態度的改變。整合質性與量化的研究結果,獲致以下結論:英語文法補救教學對學生學習成就有正面幫助;依學生個別差異設計教學內容、改變教學方法及營造適合學習的學習氣氛對補救教學有正向幫助;多數學生在英語補救教學後,提升對學習英文的興趣和信心,對學習英文的態度更積極主動。 根據上述結論,本研究分別針對未來研究、教育人員以及政策推動人員提出相關建議以供參考。
This study aims to investigate the influence of English grammar remedial instruction on the learning achievement of second-year senior students, the effect of individual differences on remedial instruction, and the change of students' attitudes toward English learning after remedial instruction. This study is a case study in which second-year students from a vocational high school in Keelung are the subjects of study. Based on the research questions and literature review, the subjects take tests and the questionaire of English learning attitudes and individual interviews after the remedial instruction.The purpose of the test is to understand the situations of English learning achievement, and the questionnaire of English learning attitudes and individual interviews are to understand the changes of students' attitudes after remedial instruction.The following key findings emerged from the quantitative and qualitative data of the study: the English grammar remedial instruction enhances students' learning achievement; designing appropriate teaching content according to individual differences , changing teaching methods and creating a pleasant learning atmosphere have positive effects on students’ learning; most students become more interested in and confident of learning English. Based on the above conclusions, the study may provide implications that will inform future research, pedagogical practice, and policy-making.
Other Identifiers: G0505002223
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