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Title: 台中市公共圖書館設置書店之研究
Authors: 胡鳳生
Keywords: 公共圖書館
public library
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討台中市公共圖書館設置書店的可行性。研究的面向包括國內公共圖書館與書店的發展現況,國外公共圖書館設置書店的經驗,國內公、私部門合作的適法性,圖書館與書店讀者的看法以及圖書館經營者的意見。再根據研究結果,提出結論,並建議可行模式,提供國內公共圖書館更多元的經營策略參考。   本研究採用文獻探討、問卷調查及深度訪談法三方面進行。問卷調查方面,以台中市10所公立公共圖書館讀者與10家連鎖書店讀者為調查樣本,各發出10份問卷,計獲得有效問卷200份。深度訪談方面,以台中市10所公立圖書館經營者為研究對象,透過深度訪談方式,來探討分析其對未來台中市公共圖書館設置書店的看法及意願。   研究結果歸納如下:一、國內公共圖書館設置書店,依法可行。二、公共圖書館設置書店具有許多優點。三、讀者與圖書館經營者對國外個案經驗的看法,頗為一致且認同。四、台中市讀者對未來公共圖書館設置書店的態度大多很期待。五、台中市公共圖書館經營者對未來設置書店的態度大多很有意願。六、台中市公共圖書館設置書店仍有諸多困難。七、公共圖書館設置書店雖是可行的行銷策略,但圖書館仍應致力於本身的核心業務。 最後依據研究結果,提出幾點建議:一、未來國內公共圖書館設置書店可行的經營模式;二、台中市各區圖書館能早日建置自己專屬的網頁;三、公共圖書館應主動學習書店經營的內涵及尋求與書店業者的合作;四、公共圖書館可組織「圖書館之友」及成立非營利財團法人基金會;五、捐書管道能公開化、制度化,以鼓勵民眾捐書。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the feasibility of establishing retail book outlets within public libraries in Taichung. The aspects of the study include a survey of the historical development of both libraries and bookstores domestically, the experience of retail book outlets in libraries abroad, domestic law pertaining to the establishment of retail outlets in public libraries, the opinions of domestic library managers, and finally the opinions of domestic readers. The study employs both a questionnaire and personal interviews. Questionnaires were distributed to visitors at ten public libraries and to customers at ten private books stores, all located in the Taichung metropolitan area. The questionnaires surveyed respondents on their library use and bookstore patronage as well as whether they would patronize a bookstore located within a public library. The interviews were conducted with public library directors to learn whether they thought establishment of retail book outlets at public libraries was feasible and/or desirable. The results of research are included as follow: 1) setting bookstores within public libraries is available by law; 2) setting bookstores within public libraries has many benefits; 3) both readers and libraries’ directors have the same agreement with the cases of other foreign countries; 4) most of the readers in Taichung expect deeply to set bookstores within public libraries; 5) most of the directors of public libraries are willing on the program; 6) the program still has some difficult problem; 7) although with bookstores in public libraries is available strategy, the public libraries should handle their main business seriously. Based on an analysis of the information collected, it is recommended that: 1) there is an available management model for reference when establish bookstores within pubic libraries in the future; 2) the district public libraries in Taichung could set up their own web page as soon as possible; 3) the public libraries should actively learn the ways of bookstore management and seek the chances of cooperation with bookstores; 4) the public libraries could organize the “Library Friends” and set up the foundation of non-profit corporate body; 5) the access of the book donation can be open and formalized, to encourage the people to give away books.
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