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Title: 中高齡女性志工服務學習歷程之研究
The study of Mid-age Women Volunteers' Service Learning process
Authors: 林振春
Chen Chun Lin
Chia-Chen Huang
Keywords: 中高齡
Women's Learning
Service Learning
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討中高齡女性志工服務學習經驗歷程之研究,以五個中高齡女性志工媽媽為研究對象。為達到研究目的,採用質性研究,及五位來自不同領域的中高齡志工媽媽進行深度訪談,以了解中高齡女性志工志工參與服務學習的動機、阻礙、學習與成長。根據研究結果,本研究的結論如下: 一、參與服務學習動機與社會認同、利他動機、追求個人成長有關 二、服務學習歷程中面臨性別刻板印象、家庭、外界的阻礙 三、中高齡女性志工服務學習持續的因素與家庭、友情和社會支持有關 四、政府與內部缺乏向心力是服務學習策略實施面臨的困境。 五、反思學習滿足自我實現 根據研究的結論,分別就「中高齡女性志工」、「政府與志願服務相關機構」及「未來研究」等方面提出建議。 關鍵字:中高齡、婦女學習、服務學習
The purpose of the study was foucused on investagating the process of mid-age women volunters’ service learning.The study choosed five women volunteers who were from different fields.In order to attain the goal of the study, The thematic analysis was used to identify and clarify the themes through the interpretation of meaning of the text and intersubjective agreement with the participants to realize the motivation, obstacles,learning and growing. The results were as follows: Ⅰ、The motivations of participating service learning are concerned about the social identifitation , altruistic motive,seeking the personal growth. Ⅱ、The process of service learning faces the obstructions from the stero-type ,family and environment. Ⅲ、The continued service learning reasons of mid-age volunteers are related to her family,friendship and social support. Ⅳ、The difficult position of implementing service learning is that the government and the internal part all lack of centripetal force. Ⅴ、Reflection can satisfied Self-actualized. Key words: Mid-age,Women’s learning ,Service learning
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