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Title: 企業志工參與志願服務動機因素之研究
Study Corporate Volunteering to participate in volunteer service of motivational factors.
Authors: 鄭勝分
Keywords: 企業志工
Corporate Volunteers
Consistently participation motivation.
The inner factor of participation motivation
The extensive factor of participation motivation
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討企業志工參與志願服務動機之因素以及與一般志工差異為何之研究,以八位企業志工為研究參與對象,採用質性研究法的半結構式深度訪談做為主要的研究方法,進而瞭解企業志工參與志願服務的挑戰與持續動力為何。本研究歸納之結論如下: 一、企業志工與一般志工參與動機相同之處,皆為內生因素。 二、企業志工與一般志工參與動機相異之處,來自企業志工之外衍因素。 三、企業志工參與志願服務的挑戰歸納結論為(一)萬事起頭難之員工的第一次。(二)忠義難兩全之員工的擔心。 四、企業志工持續參與動力之因素,有視志願服務為休閒、增進人際關係的互動、成就感、服務過程中產生滿足、生命體悟等因素。 五、研究建議: (一)對企業志工的建議 1.事有輕重緩急。 2. 助人者界線的拿捏。 3.從服務中自我成長,並適時調整心態。 4.新舊企業志工的聯誼與傳承工作。 (二)對管理企業志工部門的建議。 1.中高階主管的縱向溝通。 2.CSR的宣導與資訊的傳達。 3.增加志工知能研習和學習課程。 4.提供多元的服務項目。 5.建立受助者的回饋機制。 6.重視企業志工團體,公開表揚。 (三)對政府的建議 對於企業志工參與自願服務活動,政府相關單位可以多鼓勵企業志工加入志願服務法的保障或有獎勵辦法鼓勵,讓國家社會的人力資源可以多一份力量,讓企業志工在從事自願服務能安心、安全的參與。 六、後續研究建議 壹、 研究對象 一、 中高階層的主管。 二、 跨類別的企業。 三、 非企業志工。貳、 研究方法 一、 生命故事的敘事研究。 二、 參與觀察。
This study aims to investigate the inner and extensive factor for the service motivation of Corporate Volunteers, furthermore the difference with the general volunteers, selected 8 Corporate Volunteers as the participating of the study and used Semi-structured interviews as the major research method, together with the documentary collection and analysis, to realize the challenge and consistency of Corporate Volunteers. The conclusions of the study are described as below: I. The same of the participation motivation of the Corporate Volunteers and general volunteers are both inner factor. II. The difference of the participation motivation for the Corporate Volunteers and general volunteers are extensive factor. III. Concluded the challenge of Corporate Volunteers are: the first trial and difficulty of the employee to be the volunteer, the pull and drag within the volunteer affair and the job career. IV. The consistently participation motivation of Corporate Volunteers are treat volunteer activity as resort, increase the movement of the personal relationship, self-accomplishment, the satisfaction during the volunteer service, the realize of life and etc. V. The study suggestions: A. To Corporate Volunteers 1. Setting the priority. 2. Ordering the service boundary. 3. Self-growth during volunteer service, and make self-adjustment as need. 4. The well-connection between the different generations of Volunteers. B. To the managing department of Corporate Volunteer 1. The communication between the different levels of the staffs. 2. The promotion of CSR and the transmission of information. 3. To increase the learning and ability of Volunteers. 4. To provide the multi-service items. 5. To set-up the feed-back system of recipients. 6. To respect and praise the Corporate Volunteers in public. C. To government To protect and establish the related stipulation to encourage the Corporate Volunteers,to ensure the effectiveness of the human resources of the country, and to make sure the comfort and safety during the volunteer service. VI. The suggestion for further study A. The subject of the study 1. The middle level managements. 2. The different type of the business. 3. Non-Corporate Volunteers. B. The method of the study 1. The life narratives study. 2. Participant observation.
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