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Title: 年輕世代成人信用卡消費型態研究
Young Adult Credit Card Consumer Type Research
Authors: 羊憶蓉
Hong, Mei-Fong
Keywords: 年輕世代成人
Young Adult
Credit Card
Consumer Type
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究目的為探討年輕世代成人消費價值觀與信用卡使用型態,本研究以六、七年級生為研究對象,採用質性研究深度訪談方式,探討年輕世代消費價值觀與信用卡消費型態。研究結果發現如下: 一、年輕世代之消費能力與經濟觀念因成長背景不同而存在著差異。 二、年輕世代之刷卡消費動機以累積紅利積點、參加贈獎活動、延後繳款、回饋公益團體、便利安全因素、理財因素、避免付現、交友從眾、安全可靠、衝動性購物、獨立尊重等等因素。個性節儉、量入為出者,在使用信用卡時同樣趨向保守,不負債消費、不使用循環利息及預借現金等功能。 三、年輕世代對於公平交易法、消費者保護法、信用卡定型化契約範本的知識嚴重匱乏,突顯成人消費教育之重要性。
This research purpose , in order to probe into young adult's consumption values and credit card using type , this research is grown for the objects of twenty and thirty, adopt the deep interview way to probe into the consumption values and credit card consuming type of young generation. The results of study are found as follows: First, the consuming capacity and economic ideas of young generation are different from their different background. Second, consuming motivation of paying by credit card of young generation is in order to accumulate dividend, participate in the awards presentation activity, postpone payment, dominate welfare groups ,be convenient and safe, manage money, avoid paying in cash , make friends , be reliable, shopping on an impulse, be respect and independent, etc. Thrifty persons who live within their income, it is conservative as their characters while using credit card, never consuming in debt , using circulating interest and borrowing cash in advance. Third, it reveals the importance of consuming education of adult for that young have poor knowledge about Fair Trading Law, Consumer Protection Law and Standard Form Contract for Credit Card .
Other Identifiers: G0069202005
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