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Title: 社會企業產品屬性、政策行銷工具對消費動機影響之研究
The Influence of Product Attributes and Policy Marketing Tools on the Social Enterprise’s Consumer Motivation
Authors: 鄭勝分
Cheng, Sheng-Fen
Hsieh, Ssu-Ting
Keywords: 社會企業
social enterprise
consumer motivation
product attributes
policy marketing tools
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 臺灣為支持及推動社會企業,行政院於2014年9月4日核定「社會企業行動方案」,而社會企業的成立是為解決某個社會或環境問題,透過商業方式創造營收,其盈餘用來貢獻社會、扶助特定族群、以及持續解決該社會或環境問題。因此,社會企業若能獲知消費者的需求與看法,了解其購買產品之消費動機,對於社會企業是一大助益。然而,對於社會企業產品屬性以及政策行銷工具,皆可能影響消費者之消費動機;產品屬性能激發消費者需求,亦可促使消費者之購買行為。另外,政府在推行社會企業政策上,運用政策行銷工具介紹產品功能與屬性、推廣社會企業產品,藉此影響消費者消費動機,使消費者增加購買社會企業產品的機會。因此,本研究欲從消費者的立場,探討影響消費者購買社會企業產品之消費動機,以及社會企業產品屬性、政策行銷工具與消費動機間之影響,以了解消費者與社會企業的關連。 為達本研究目的,本研究針對社會企業產品消費者之消費動機進行調查,以經濟部2016年發行的社會企業產品型錄所彙整之34家社會企業的消費者為研究對象,計蒐集360份有效樣本。經統計分析後,研究結果發現,產品屬性對消費動機、產品屬性對政策行銷工具、以及政策行銷工具對消費動機均有顯著正向相關;而經多元迴歸分析顯示,產品屬性對於消費動機之解釋力遠大於政策行銷工具,更能影響消費動機;且,政策行銷工具在產品屬性對消費動機是具有部分中介效果。綜合以上發現,建議社會企業持續落實社會企業理念與價值之實踐,社會企業產品融合消費者需求與理念、以理念創造故事,並增進消費者對社會企業產品之公益價值;對於政府之建議為,注重運用公共關係之政策行銷工具增進產品曝光之機會,並透過政策行銷工具傳達社會企業理念與公益價值以推廣社會企業產品,亦可讓社會企業自行創造行銷,以提升消費者之消費動機,進而增加其消費行為。
In order to support and promote social enterprises in Taiwan, the Executive Yuan approved the “Social Enterprise Action Plan” on September 4, 2014. The social enterprise was established to solve a certain social or environmental problem. Creating revenue through commercial means, the profit can contribute to society, support specific ethnic groups, and continually address the social or environmental issue. Therefore, if a social enterprise can understand the needs and opinions of consumers and understand the motivation of purchasing products, it will be a great help for social enterprises. However, both social enterprise product attributes and policy marketing tools can affect consumers' consumption motives; product attributes can stimulate consumer demand and also promote consumer purchasing behavior. In addition, for the sake of promoting social enterprise policies, the government uses policy marketing tools to introduce product functions and attributes, and promotes social enterprise products, thereby affecting consumer motivation and increasing consumers' willingness of purchasing social enterprise products. Therefore, our study intends to investigate the influence of consumers' consumption motivations on social enterprise products from the standpoint of consumers, as well as the impact of social enterprise product attributes and policy marketing tools on consumer motivation, in order to understand the relationship between consumers and social enterprises. To achieve our research purpose, this study targets to investigate the consumer motives of social enterprise product, collecting 360 copies of valid consumer samples from the consumers social enterprise product catalogue published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' in 2016, which involves consumers from 34 social enterprises.After statistical analysis, the research results show that product attributes have a significant positive correlation with consumer motivation and policy marketing tools, and so as the policy marketing tools with consumer motivation. Multivariate regression analysis also shows that product attributes explain consumer motivation far greater than the policy marketing tools, and can affect the consumption motives more. Moreover, the policy marketing tools have partial mediation effects on product attributes to affect consumption motives. Based on the above findings, it is recommended that social enterprises continue to implement the practice of social enterprise concepts and values. Social enterprise products should integrate consumers’ needs and concepts, create stories with ideas, and enhance the public welfare value of consumers for social enterprise products. We suggest that government should focus on using marketing tools policy of public relations to enhance product exposure opportunities. Government should also spread social enterprise concepts and public welfare values through policy marketing tools to promote social enterprise products. It allows social enterprises to create their own marketing to enhance consumer motivation, and then increase their consumption behavior.
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