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Title: 非營利幼兒園公私協力關係之研究
The Study of Nonprofit Kindergartens on Publicprivate Partnership
Authors: 鄭勝分
Cheng, Sheng-Fen
Lee, Shu-Li
Keywords: 公私協力
Public-Private Partnerships
Nonprofit Kindergarten
Citizen Participation
Non-Profit Organizations
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 因應國內少子化問題嚴重,政府擬擴大公共托育服務量,並營造友善的教養環境,鼓勵年輕父母生養子女。考量政府財政負擔有限及國際發展趨勢,以公私協力非營利幼兒園模式為現階段幼教政策發展方向,由政府委託非營利組織辦理,政策之核心價值為平等尊重、專業整合、社區互動、公私協力等四項,除了建構完整的教育與照顧服務外,也希望保障幼兒接受優質教保服務之權益,並提供家長優質且易於負擔之教保服務,以及確保教保人員享有合法及合理之工作條件和重視家庭與社區之互動,連結共享育兒資源。整個制度希望達到政府、家長、幼兒、教保工作人員及社區「共好」的目的,然而政策推動至今成效不如預期。 本研究從探討非營利幼兒園發展脈絡、推動情形及政府與非營組織公私協力的互動模式等相關法規、會議記錄及文獻理論等,再深度訪談參與政策之公私部門相關人員,對所得資料進行歸納及分析政策中公部門與非營利組織的運作現況、面臨的困難及造成的影響。研究結論及建議期能對我國以公私協力模式發展非營利幼兒園之未來政策方向提供參考。
In response to the serious low birth rate problem in the country, the government plans to improve the amount of public daycare service and create a friendly education in order to encourage young parents to have children. In consideration of the limited fiscal burden of the government and the international development trends, the government wants to establish non-profit kindergartens through public private partnership. Commissioned by the government and handled by non-profit organizations, the core values of this education system is to promote four aspects, namely equality and respect, professional integration, community interaction and public-private partnership. In addition to establishing a complete education and day care service, the government also wants to protect the rights and interests of children in receiving quality education, while providing parents with good quality, affordable and secure educational services. Moreover, the policy ensures that the educational staff have legal and reasonable working conditions and emphasizes the importance of family and community interaction. The government hopes to achieve the purpose of the whole system in which parents, children, staff and community all benefit from this. However, the effectiveness of these policies are not as well as expected. This study aims to summarize the conditions of the effectiveness of the policy in public sectors and non-profit organizations , the difficulties that they face and their impact. The resulting data were analyzed through surveying the government and non-profit organizations working together in public-private partnership models, other related laws and regulations, records of meetings and literary resources and also through interviews with staff working in these institutions. The conclusions and recommendations of this study can be used as a reference for the development of the future directions.
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