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Title: 不同類型高中資優生與普通生過度激動特質與自閉症光譜特質之比較研究
A Comparative Study of Overexcitabilities and Autism Spectrum Conditions among Regular and Different Kinds of Gifted and Talent Senior High School Students
Authors: 郭靜姿
Ching-Chin Kuo
Nee Hui-hsi
Keywords: 過度激動
autism spectrum
gifted student
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究主要探討不同類型高中資優生與普通生過度激動特質與自閉症特質以及兩者間的相關、預測。研究以全國北中南東四個區域不同類型高中資優生與普通生做為研究對象,以我的特質量表(Ⅱ)(N=855)與自閉症光譜量表(N=846)為主要研究工具。所得資料以平均數、百分比、卡方檢定、二因子變異數分析、相關以及多元逐步迴歸等方式進行分析。茲將本研究之結果說明如下: 一、 不同類別與性別受試者在我的特質量表(Ⅱ)之表現 數理與人文資優生在「智能」過度激動特質上較藝術類資優生與普通生明顯;人文資優生在「想像」與「情緒」過度激動較強烈;藝術類資優生在「情緒」過度激動較強烈,普通生則無任一過度激動特質較明顯。性別間的過度激動特質也具有差異,男生在「心理動作」較強烈;女生則在「感官」與「情緒」較明顯。 二、 不同類別與性別受試者在自閉症光譜量表之表現 整體自閉症光譜特質以數理資優生最為明顯。在「社交技巧」方面之特質人文與數理資優生都較為明顯,在「溝通」方面數理資優生又較普通生明顯。男生在「溝通」與「想像」方面特質較女生明顯。 三、 過度激動特質與自閉症光譜特質之相關 不同類型資優生與普通生兩特質間相關強度不同,但方向一致。「情緒變異性」過度激動與自閉症特質有較高的正相關;過度激動特質與「對細節的注意力」屬正相關,與「社交技巧」屬負相關。 四、 過度激動特質對自閉症光譜特質之預測 最能預測自閉症光譜特質之過度激動特質為「情緒變異性」、「想像力」、「同理心」、「生理激動」、「智能激動」、「創造力」等過度激動特質。 最後根據研究結果對教學、輔導以及未來研究方向提出建議。
This research primarily compares the typical qualities of overexcitabilities and autism spectrum conditions among gifted and regular students in senior high schools. The target participants of the research are different types of gifted and regular students located in the northern, southern, eastern, and middle part of the nation, with The Me ScalⅡ (N=855) and Autism Spectrum Quotient (N=846) as the primary research instrument. The analysis of the information obtained includes statistic average, percentage, and two-way analysis of variance, correlation, multiple stepwise regression analysis, etc. The main results of the research are as follows: 1. The performance of various types of subjects with different genders on The Me ScaleⅡ Students who excel in mathematics and social sciences show more significant intellectual overexcitability compared with those who excel in art or ordinary students. Peers gifted in social science also demonstrate significant imaginative and emotional overexcitability, while those gifted in art present higher emotional overexcitability, and typical developed student does not exhibit any apparent overexcitability. Gender also plays an important role in determining overexcitability. For example, males are stronger in the psychomotor, but females are more dominant in sensual and emotional overexcitability. 2. The performance of various types of subjects with different genders on autism spectrum conditions Overall, students excel in mathematics are more dominant on the autism spectrum. In social skill area, students excel in mathematics and social sciences demonstrate a more typical trait, but mathematic gifted students are more dominant in the communication field than regular students. In addition, males show stronger traits than females in communication and imagination. 3. Correlation between overexcitability and autism spectrum conditions Different types of gifted students and regular students demonstrate opposite strength, but similar directions. Emotional fluctuation overexcitability and autism spectrum conditions demonstrate a positive correlation, and overexcitability also shows a positive correlation with attention to detail, but a negative correlation with social skills. 4. Predictions on autism spectrum conditions using overexcitability The most predictable qualities about autism spectrum conditions are emotional fluctuated, imaginative, empathetic, physical, intellectual, and creative overexcitabilities, etc. Finally, recommendations on how to improve education and future research direction based on the result of the study.
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