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Title: 揚帆,航向大學新生活---亞斯伯格青年之個案研究
Authors: 張正芬
Keywords: 大學生活
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究採用質性研究方法之個案研究,深入探討一位亞斯伯格症青年(小雅)的大學新生活樣貌。歷時七個月的研究過程中,先後與21名研究參與者進行互動,並透過觀察、訪談與文件蒐集相關資料。經過資料的分析與詮釋,研究者首先分從學業學習、課外活動、人際友伴、生活知能四個向度,呈現小雅大學新生活樣貌。再者,根據研究結果與發現,提出六項議題:(一)亞斯伯格症障礙特質對小雅大學生活的影響,主要反映在人際層面。(二)小雅大學後的改變,主要表現在其人際開放性、學習責任感和生活獨立性的提升,以及對個人外表的重視。(三)小雅大學新生活的愉快經驗,體現於活躍且不斷精進的學習歷程、多采多姿的社團活動、親密的友伴經驗,以及饒負趣味的校園生活中。(四)在大學新生活中,小雅自覺學業學習乃最為困難的部分。而面對這些困阻,小雅多能發展出不同的策略以為因應。(五)小雅在大學環境中所獲支持,除了校方依法編組之輔導小組,提供障礙補償與因應之「正式支持資源」外,尚有由家人、友伴等人所形成之「非正式支持資源」,為小雅帶來心理和情感層面的支持力量。(六)關於障礙的揭露,不同的揭露時機與揭露者-揭露對象關係,將帶來不同的揭露結果。最後,基於研究發現與討論,提出未來研究與相關實務工作可行之具體建議,以供參考。
This research adopted the case study, one kind of ualitative methods, to profoundly investigate the fresh university life of a young adult (named Hsiao-Ya) with Asperger's syndrome. During the seven months long survey procedure, the researcher continually interacted with 21 participants and collected meaningful data from observation, interview and literature review. And then, after data analysis and interpretation, this research firstly presented Hsiao-Ya’s fresh university life based on four dimensions, school-work acquisition, extracurricular activities, interpersonal companionship, and collegiate-life skills. Moreover, according to research findings and results, this research summarized and brought up the following six topics. (a) The impact of Asperger syndrome on Hsiao-Ya’s university fresh life primarily lay in the interpersonal aspect. (b) The changes following Hsiao-Ya’s entrance to the university mainly occurred in her uplifts of interpersonal openness, learning obligation, living independence, and regards for her own appearance. (c) The positive experiences of Hsiao-Ya’s fresh university life generally occurred in her animated progressive learning process, colorful extracurricular activities, close companionship, and fascinating campus life. (d) In her fresh university life, Hsiao-Ya perceived that school-work acquisition was the most challenging part; however, she could develop strategies to cope with those challenges. (e) As for the supportive resources in university, the ‘official supportive resource’ (the guidance group set by law operation) could provide Hsiao-Ya with disability compensation and adjustment; in addition, the ‘non-official supportive resource’ (composed of her family, friends, etc.) could also bring her supportive strength from psychological and emotional aspects. (f) Different decisions of disability disclosure could result in different outcomes that accompany both advantages and disadvantages. Finally, in view of these findings and discussions, substantial suggestions for future studies and relative practice are proposed.
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