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Title: 特教學校高職部智能障礙學生的自我概念、障礙覺察與污名感受
Self-concept, Disability Awareness and Perceived Stigma of Vocational Students with Intellectual Disability in a Special School
Authors: 張千惠
Cheng, Fuyao
Keywords: 特教學校
special school
intellectual disability
disability awareness
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台灣北部地區某特教學校8名高職部智能障礙學生的自我概念、對於個人所處的障礙情境與智能障礙相關標記之覺察,以及對於障礙污名之感受與因應方式。本研究採質性研究法,針對研究對象進行個別的半結構訪談及焦點團體訪談,輔以參與觀察及文件分析,並以電話訪談學生的家長或主要照顧者,結果發現: 一、研究對象對於自我的認知多屬正向,且深受與身心障礙同儕之關係影響,並保有一定程度的「正常人」身分認同。 二、研究對象傾向將障礙理解為個人的負面特質,對於障礙情境的覺察甚少;對於不強調缺陷的障礙標記較有好感,並較認同於「學習困難」與「特殊學生」兩標記。 三、研究對象的污名感受多來自於遭到他人的言語或肢體霸凌等經驗,污名因應策略則包括忍受歧視、迴避歧視者、避免對他人透露自己就讀於特教學校或持有身心障礙手冊等。 最後,研究者根據研究發現,提出若干實務上的建議,以供智能障礙者的相關服務工作者、家長及社會大眾參考。
This study aims at investigating the self-concept, awareness of disabled situation and disability-related labels, perceived stigma and coping strategies of 8 vocational students with intellectual disability (ID) in a special school in northern Taiwan. The study was designed with qualitative research, conducting semi-structured interviews, focus group interviews, participant observation and document analysis of the participants, and phone interviews of their parents or primary caregivers. The major findings of this study are as follows: 1)Most participants hold positive perceptions of themselves, which have been deeply influenced by their peers with disabilities, and keep a normal identity to a certain extent. 2)The participants tend to perceive disabilities as negative personal traits, and have limited awareness of their disabled situation; as for the attitudes towards disability-related labels, the participants evaluate labels less revealing their defects more positively, while ‘learning difficulties’ and ‘special students’ are the two most accepted terms. 3)The participants experience stigma mainly by being verbally or physically bullied from others, and the strategies they adopt to cope with stigma include: enduring discrimination, avoiding people likely to discriminate against them, and hiding the facts that they attend a special school or receive a disability identification card. At last, according to the findings and conclusions, practical suggestions are proposed for workers providing service for people with ID, parents of people with ID and all other members of society.
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