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Title: 正向行為支持方案對一名智能障礙學生行為問題改善之行動研究
An Action Research of on the Effects of a Positive Behavior Support Program to a Mentally Disabled Student with Behavioral Problems
Authors: 張千惠
Keywords: 功能性評量
functional assessment
positive behavior support progrom
behavioral problem
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討以功能性評量為基礎,針對國小智能障礙學生設計正向行為支持方案,並了解方案執行過程與成效。行動研究過程中,透過功能性評量,包括訪談、觀察及檔案資料,了解個案行為問題及正向行為的變化情形,進而探討同儕及教師對個案的看法。依功能性評量發展出五個策略包括前事控制、生態環境改變、行為教導、後果處理、其他個體背景因素介入等五大策略。 綜合歸納並驗證量化資料及質性資料之結果,可得知本研究結論: 一、運用功能性評量找出個案行為問題的作用是為取得外在刺激與 逃避內在刺激 二、透過功能性評量結果規畫一套貼切的正向行為支持方案 三、正向行為支持方案能減少個案的干擾及攻擊行為 四、正向行為支持方案能增加個案的正向行為 五、正向行為支持方案的實施成效,受到教師與同儕的肯定 六、正向行為支持方案能改善個案的生活品質
The purposes of this study were to understand the execution process and investigate the effects of a functionally-based positive behavior support program designed for a mentally disabled student. During the action research, the researcher relied on observation, interview, unobtrusive measures to understand the changes of behavioral problems and positive behavior of the participant, and then to probe for teachers’ and peers’ attitude towards the participant. The results of the assessment helped in the development of five strategies: antecedent control, environmental modification, teaching of new behaviors, consequences management, and interventions of other personal background factors. After combining and verifying the result of quantitative and qualitative information, the results of this study were as follows: 1. Results of functional assessment showed that the children’s behavioral problems contributed to obtain external stimuli and internal stimuli escape. 2.The positive behavior support program was directly based on the functional behavior assessment. 3.The positive behavior support program was effective to reduce the hildren’s disruptive and aggressive behaviors. 4. The positive behavior support program was effective to increase the children’s positive behaviors. 5. Positive behavior support plans can be confirmed by teachers and peers. 6. The positive behavior support program was effective to advance daily life quality of the case.
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