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Title: 劉興欽漫畫作品之創意分析
Creativity in the Comics of Liu Hsing-Ching
Authors: 郭靜姿
Kuo, Ching-Chih
Chiu, Jo-Chiao
Keywords: 劉興欽
Liu Hsing-Ching
sense of humor
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 在臺灣本土漫畫作品中,劉興欽先生以富含教育意義且具鄉土特質的作品聞名,不同於同時期所風行的漫畫創作。研究者以劉興欽先生為例,探究漫畫創作者的創意內涵與來源,以及漫畫家的個人特質和幽默感對其漫畫創作的影響。 本研究採取半結構式訪談,分別對劉興欽先生與五位專家學者進行訪談。從訪談劉興欽先生中,瞭解其創意內涵與來源及個人特質;從訪談專家學者中,評析劉興欽先生具有代表性的漫畫創作:《小村故事》、《發明趣譚》上下、《快樂童年》及《阿三哥˙大嬸婆找工作》四部作品,藉此以觀察作品中所呈現的創造力與幽默感。研究者根據研究問題,設計訪談大綱和創造力檢核表作為研究工具。創造力檢核表採五點量表,以高創造人格特徵作為檢核項目,請專家學者依據創造力檢核表評析劉興欽先生的漫畫作品。訪談結束後,將訪談錄音檔謄寫逐字稿,並進行分析;此外,根據創造力檢核表所評析之數據,進行三角檢證。 從研究結果發現,劉興欽先生的漫畫作品表現出過人的創造力與幽默感,其漫畫作品的創意源自於個人獨特的生活經驗、成長過程與發明歷程中所遭遇的問題。幽默感對其漫畫創作有其必要性,且屬於漫畫家本身所具備的特質之一﹔漫畫家本身所具備的人格特質型塑其漫畫作品風格,並可從其作品所表徵的創造者認知特徵觀察得知。由上述,可知具有優秀創造力的漫畫創作者,能夠突破環境的限制達到自我實現,其作品備受肯定。
Among Taiwanese comics, the works of Liu Hsing-Ching are known for their educational meaning and vernacular local color, making them markedly different from other works of the same period. Recognizing Liu as a maestro, this study investigated the sources that inspired his creative content to determine how the personality traits and sense of humor of a comic book artist affect his or her works. In this study utilizing semistructured interviews, Liu and five experts were interviewed individually. During the interview with Liu, he was asked to explain his creativity content, inspirations, and personality traits. The expert interviews focused on four of Liu’s representative works to examine the creativity and humor in them. These works were Story of a Village, Interesting Invention Stories (volumes I and II), Happy Childhood, and A-San and Grant Aunty Looking for a Job. Based on a set of research questions, research instruments were developed to comprise the outlines of the interviews and a creativity measurement scale. The creativity measurement scale was a five-point Likert-type scale investigating high-creativity personality traits. The experts were asked to use these traits to evaluate Liu’s works. The interviews were recorded and transcribed for analysis, and the results were verified through triangulation by using the data collected from the creativity measurement scale. This study concluded that Liu’s works were imbued with remarkable creativity and humor, inspired by his unique life experiences and the challenges he faced when growing up and when working as an inventor. A sense of humor is critical for his comic book creation and is thus an essential personality trait for him as a comic book artist. The style of an artist’s comics is shaped by his own personality traits, which can be discerned from the cognition articulated in the creator’s works. In summary, a talented and creative comic book artist should break through the constraints imposed by the environment and achieve self-actualization, thereby winning acclaim for his or her works.
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